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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winnings & Wildlife

Last weekend I got an email that I had won a prize from the Primitive Post Giveaway!  YEA!  My package arrived yesterday and just look at what was inside...  The cutest Prim Bunny and a Bunch of Carrots, both of my prizes are from Bessie Mae's...

Thank you Kate for hosting such a wonderful giveaway and Thank You Kate's hubby for drawing MY name!


Are you wondering about the title of my post?  Winnings and Wildlife...  well, we have the winnings covered.

Yesterday was Wildlife day here, on the way to school Maygan and her Dad had a coyote run across the road in front of them.  On the way home last evening, Maygan and I seen a porcupine in the road and THEN...

at 12:30 am this morning I heard a ruckus on the porch and there was a bear helping himself to the remainder of my birdseed!  I wasn't able to get a picture of last night's bear, it was way to dark but here is one that did the same darn thing a couple of summers ago...

He's looking through the screen door which was the only barrier between him and our living room!  This guy made out like a bandit, last night's bear only got a little thistle seed that was leftover...  The bear in the picture was a little tooo bold, my hubby kept chasing him away but he'd come right back, bound and determined to clean up his mess.



  1. That is so cool. I only want to see a bear in the garden once, just to get a photograph and that would be fine for me. They are in this area but so far nothing. Plus its hard enough having to chase them darn squirrels away from the feeders, don't want to have to chase bears.

  2. Oh my goodness! I would just die if I had a bear on my porch!!

  3. Congrats on your win - they look great!! sure were brave to take that bear's photo! Especially with only a screen door between you! Yikes!

  4. Love your new goodies.

    I love bears, but that one looks a little too close for comfort. I don't ever want to be that close to one~even though he's a cutie & just lookin for a little nibble.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  5. Oh my gosh, I love bears, too....But I will
    stick with the stuffed ones! lol...He is
    cute, though. Congrats on your win.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. I don't like to see little critters in my yard, let alone a bear!! We did have one here last summer -- a neighbor reported seeing it in my back yard -- but I never saw it. Thank goodness!! I like to see wildlife from afar -- not through my screen door!!
    Have a happy day!

  7. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome giveaway prizes though. At least he didn't like what you were watching on tv. lol

  8. okay that would have freaked me out to see a bear on our front thank you..congrats on the win..:)

  9. Cute bunny and carrots. Congrats!

    We had our first run in with some bears last year camping... We were woke up in the middle of the night to a bear rocking our motorhome as he was breaking into our storage attached to our MH... We were visited 2 of 3 nights by bears, so it was a sleepless weekend.. hehe.. That was enough for me not sure I would like them visiting me at home.. LOL Tina

  10. Hi Traci,

    I'm so happy that your giveaway goodies arrived on time and even more so that you like them! I love the display picture, thanks for sharing!

    Now see, this is exactly what I miss about living in the mountains. I used to come across all kinds of wonderful critters, especially on my morning drive into work!

    Great post!


  11. hi, Traci
    Wonderful win!!! congrats!
    Wildlife I'd say~ A bear on the porch~ in my neck of the woods no bears~ I would be scared!!!
    But oh, my~ he is cute!!! thanks for sharing

  12. Oh-my-word!!!
    While that is the most awesome thing I have ever seen, it is also the scariest! People feeding the bears, humans encroaching on wildlife, eliminating their homes and food sources......Scary for us? Scary for them!

  13. Traci, I am so HAPPY that you won that great,awesome giveaway! I love it all!

    We have bears , deer, foxes you name it we have seen it!!!

    You stay safe my friend.

    Spring Blessings,

  14. O.O

    Ditto what Linda said. Super cool but super scary. Going to go hide under the covers now!

    Lovely giveaway wins!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. What a great win! Congrats! Well that would be scary to think that bear was that close to comin in! Hopefully he wont be back for seconds :0) We have that worry about gators down here, they are all over. We always have them in our creek and ponds, my son and hubby like catching them-not me! ~Blessings~
    The Olde Willow

  16. Congrats Traci! Neat win...
    We have bears in these here parts too....The one we had on our back deck a few years back didn't leave till he left us a "little something" - if you know what I mean. What a mess...Hope yours was a little more respectful (both times!!) Smiles & hugs ~ Robin

  17. What hte heck girlie!I wonder if thats the same bear you seen when maygan was having her lemonade stand.Luv your giveaway goodies too!be safe and dont feed the bears,lol.big hugs michelle

  18. Congrats Traci on your win! WOW...great pic's of your vistor! To close for comfort for me, I'll take my deer in my yard anyday over that big ole' bear...tooo scary! Love how your dry sink came out, I would either pull the curtain to the side or heres another idea for you that I seen on someones blog,(while blog hopping,but sorry I can't remeber who's it was)they used an old fire place sliding screen on a rod and used it for a curtain..looked awesome and you could still see everything displayed.

  19. If "THAT" was on my porch...I'd have to change my pants!!!!!


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