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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sloppy Day ....

Yuck, I'm home finally with wet feet!  I think I would have been better off wearing my muck boots....

Just snapped this picture of my Snowdrops, all snowy.  We have gotten about 3" of the wettest, sloppiest, snow since this A.M.

Today, I had to take MIL for her Dexi scan and an x-ray.  We hit one thrift shop while out but didn't find much of anything, just a couple of wooden candlesticks.  We had lunch at her favorite little diner and headed back for home. 


I was moving things around yesterday and thought I would share a picture of a lantern that I made last spring.  It is very special, alot of memories built into this lantern.

Last winter (2009), the weight of the snow brought down the barn roof at my old homestead where I grew up.  I spent many, many hours in that barn with both my Mom & Dad as a young girl.  Well, needless to say, the old barn had to be torn down last spring, so sad to see it go. Lucky for me, my Sis and BIL live on the property so I was able to salvage some of the barnwood and tin from the roof and made this lantern.  Although it may be a small piece, I have a piece and built into that piece, memories of that time.

I guess it's one of those days today, just kind of a sad day.  Our family has some huge, life changing decisions that have got to be made soon.  I have been trying to stay busy, keeping the old think tank occupied with other thoughts of late.  
I ask kindly that you say a little prayer for us, for all involved, to help point us in the direction that we should take. 
I really wasn't going to go in this direction with this post, I know that we all have our own difficulties, but I need a friendly shoulder today, I'm sure tomorrow will be fine..
Thank You in advance for your prayers, your shoulders and your ears for listening..

God Bless,


  1. Hi Traci,
    What a nice lantern heirloom to hold your memories. It's things like that that make life more bearable.

    Saying prayers for you and your family that Gods loving hand will guide you all in this decission.

  2. Hi, Traci
    I love the lantern what a beautiful part of your family memories~
    My shoulder is here for you~ My thoughts & prayers with you & your family~

  3. Hi Traci, Your lantern you made turned out wonderful, I love the story behind it where the wood came from, it will always have special memories attached. Hey don't ever think we are not here when someone needs help or just someone who will listen, sometimes we all need that. My thoughts will be with you during this time of your life. Vicky

  4. I love your lantern, what a great idea. My prayers are with you and all involved. I hope things get better.

  5. Hi Traci, what a special lantern that you made and the memories are PRICELESS!
    Traci I want you to know that I am praying for you and your family. Trust in the Lord and your faith.

    Blessings Friend,

  6. Hi Traci,

    I love the latern, and so full of memories...Saying a little prayer for you and your well!


  7. Can't spell sometimes!!! lantern...

  8. Hello Traci -- sending prayers up for you and your family -- we all hit rough patches in life and need a little extra help from our friends.....
    Love what you did with the old barnwood and tin from your family barn! I am a sap for anything with family ties -- right now my husband and I are in the process of restoring my grandmother's homestead -- where my father was born -- and where I lived for the first 2 years of my life. It's been a struggle to get everyone to understand our need to keep the old house as close to original as possible -- everyone wants to modernize! Not me.... I want it to look just as it did when it was built in 1873!
    When will spring be here?? We didn't have snow like you did, but it is far from warm and sunny! Enough of my rambling - have a nice evening!

  9. Oh dear Traci - my best thoughts and wishes are being sent your way ~ and bunches of prayers too. Thank you for the inspiration. I, too, grew up on a farm. It is being sold at a tax sale (so I'm told) next month, and the barn that my mother's father and his brothers built is being torn down. We had to sell the farm when my father passed away (he was only 45...) My mother's health is also not good. I would so like to claim some of the wood and make a warm memory as you have. I don't have the crafting talent, but I'm gonna see if I can at least get the wood and go from there. Thank you for sharing.
    You take good care of yourself....Warm hugs & sunny smiles~

  10. Your in my prayers sweetie!put your worries in Gods hands.Im here if you need a your lantern,very special.big hugs and many prayers michelle

  11. Hi Traci, big hugs, warm thoughts and prayers being sent your way!! Glad you asked, we all want to be here for each other.
    Love that lantern!! What a wonderful idea. I just love things with history, keeps our memories alive.
    Have a great day!!

  12. Love the lantern. Sending prayers for you and your family.

  13. Sending prayers your way...Yes, we all have difficulties, and that is why we can have the empathy that we need to console and uplift each other. Hope things are looking up soon.

    Peggy H.


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