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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Happy Wednesday.....

Yesterday, I spent the day working on prizes for my Winner a Week Giveaway (it's a continuance of my Name That Bear Contest from my selling blog)  The weather was warm but the day was filled with sudden bursts of torrential downpours.

Today, I was out snapping a few pictures of my newest Blooms...A nice sunny day here, storms coming this afternoon.

such Vibrant Colors

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie anyone?   yes, soon...

Tomorrow, I will draw the first winner for my weekly giveaway.  I will draw a winner each Thursday for four weeks, the winner will be selected from those who entered my Bear Contest.

The first winner will be able to choose their prize out of these four prizes.  The second & third winners will choose from the remaining prizes and the fourth winner will have to settle for what's left, LOL...

Here are the Prizes....
Prize #1
Spring Pillow Tucks
(no you can't have my nest!)

Prize #2
Basket of Strawberries

Prize #3
Penny Rug Pillow

Prize #4
Prairie Stump Doll

Please pray with me for those folks being effected by the terrible flooding, tornadoes and fires.  There are so many who have lost their lives, their homes or are living in fear of loosing them. 

God Bless,


  1. Your 4th winner will be the luckiest bcuz they won't have the burden of choosing! LOL! Wonderful generous creations. Praying with you for others ~*~Lisa

  2. Wow Traci, those are some wonderful prizes to have a chance of winning!

    Love your flower blooms. The only thing blooming in my soggy yard are the weeds. I have more weeds than I know what to do with. Where is the warm sunshine of Spring???

    Have a blessed day,

  3. Love the blooms---primrose? They are beautiful.
    I love your drawing items. There will be happy bloggers among us!

  4. Hi Traci, love those pillow tucks!! All of your prizes are great in fact!!

  5. Girl I'd love any of those prizes.Love the pillow tucks will you be selling those? We recived the bear and I posted it today to my blog.Thank you! I loved how you did the train ticket for him.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. hi, Traci
    Pretty~ colorful blooms~ Awe beauty of spring~ and yes I will take a piece of rhubard~strawberry pie(YUM!!!)
    Wonderful goodies~ love them all~~~~ You are so kind~ Big hug to you girl~
    Good luck to all, but I hope I win something!LOL

  7. Beautiful blooms Traci!! Wow! Can't believe how much farther ahead everyone else's spring is than ours. And - OH!! Those are some mighty awesome prizes. I agree with Lisa- the last person to win will have the easiest task because it would be so hard to choose! YIKES!!! (Thanks for making the the disappointment of not winning your little bear a little more "bearable...") (Sorry!) Praying for those in harm's way....Hugs & Smiles, Robin

  8. Hi Traci, Love all your blooms, so colorful. We are suppose to get bad storms tonight, hope they are gone by morning, I have a son flying out west first thing in the morning. I was watching the news on how the flooding has affected so many, will keep them in my prayers. Your giveaway prizes are really neat, you are very talented. Vicky

  9. loving all the goodies you have done..anytime you want to swap..just let me know..I love your work.;)

  10. Your flowers are lookin good!Love your goodies as well!have a wonderful week sweetie.big hugs michelle

  11. Ooh Traci, I love rhubard pie! Haven't had any in a coon's age, but I know I'd still love it. Your flowers have got a good start and lookin' pretty:) I do love your handmades, they're right up my alley.
    Yes, I've been seeing the tragedies on the news of the lives lost from the storms. We will be praying for the families.


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