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Friday, April 8, 2011

~Up High on a Mountaintop~

I thought it would be fun to welcome you all to my Mountain, I am not exactly sure of the elevation, but it's up there.... I had to take Maygan to school this morning, so I took the camera along.

This is a Mountaintop View, you can see for miles and miles..

Now we are going to take a trip down the mountain road, it can be quite exhilarating in the winter, especially after lots of snow.  It's 4x4 country...

This is the sign that greets you on your decent... 
8% grade, next 1 Mile

Just getting started, haven't got to the really fun part yet...

Yea, hang on, we're rollin' now, whoa, slow down, BIG curve

Don't let go of the Holy Sh!t handle yet, more winding curves
(Holy Sh!t handles are those handles in your vehicle located just above each window)

Yep, you guessed, another big curve, we're about 1/2 way down now

STOP, yep, right in the middle of the road, look at the pretty view of our town below.  See the buses at the Elementary School...

Okay, we're at the bottom, made it down to the valley below.  This is the sign telling you what's up ahead. Anyone going up?

It's finally Friday, I am in much better spirits today.  Got up and off to an early start to a good day.  Many, many thanks to all who visited and commented on my last post.  I have read each and everyone of them, the emails too and it has helped me tremendously.  Sometimes the best advice comes from afar, someone on the outside looking in.  Those who have or have not been through similar situations, the advice opens us up to many different perspectives.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Yep. winter time when there's snow and ice must be a real fun ride...a great toboggan run tho.

  2. Beautiful ride~
    prayers & thoughts!

  3. I use to live about 45 minutes north of San Diego. Your drive reminds me of the drive I use to have to take everyday to work. Spooky! Hehe. Fortunately snow wasn't ever an issue. But get a few drops of rain out there...and ya would have thought it was snow!!! I"m glad your feeling better today.

  4. wow you do live on a treacherous road..but it is beautiful.;) thanks for sharing it..have a great weekend .:)

  5. Thanks Traci for the beautiful ride!!
    Glad you are feeling better and your spirits are lifted!!

  6. OK, who's driving and who's shooting the pics... that's what I want to know... :) Very cool riding along with you. Thanks!

  7. Love the who's driving and who's taking pics.. it was all me, multi-tasking!


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