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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hang onto your Bonnets & Bloomers

If someone sees me flying by today,
please reach out and grab my hand, foot,
whatever you can grab a hold of!


I won't even need to break out my Broom today ;)


I was going to have Baxter, Maygan's hamster pick today's winner


He crammed his cheeks full of winners.....
wouldn't pick just one

Blow on over to my Selling Blog to find out today's winner


  1. hi, Traci
    Yep, hang on to the bonnets & bloomers~ WINDY!!
    The hamster, Baxter is so cute!!
    Thanks again!!!

  2. It's horrable windy here today also. Baxters a cutie.....sure he didn't have my name stuck somewhere in those sweet cheeks? LOL (just kidding). Have a wonderful week! Hugssss Mary

  3. Congratulations to Teresa! That sweet little hamster has good taste!
    Boy! That wind is strong today!It could blow you right out of your shoes!
    Traci, could you please add your email address to your profile so I can respond directly when you comment? I would love to be able to answer back right away, create a dialogue.....

  4. Okay, If I see you flying around my neck of the woods, I'll grab aholt of ya... lol.
    Oh yeh, those hamsters love stuffin' their cheeks full and I think they're tryin' to make us giggle.


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