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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Decorated.......... & other news

Here is what I did with my Dry Sink.  My solution for a backer board (maybe temporary) is one of my feedsacks...

I'm not really digging the cheesecloth curtain, I just pinned it up there to see what it looked like.  I might change my mind though...

~Other News~

I am one week, less a day from naming my Bear!  If you have not done so and would like to sign-up for my "Name that Bear Contest" I welcome you to do so.  The giveaway is over on my selling blog, if your name is chosen, you win this Bear (pictured below)

Click on me to find out how to enter
& get up to 5 chances to win ME

Also, please visit my Giveaway Page, there are so many wonderful artists/bloggers out there giving away Primitive Goodies.  Pay them a visit, get yourself signed up and make some new prim friends...

I would like to welcome my newest followers to both of my blogs, it makes my day when I log on and see a new face!  I have met soo many wonderful people through blogging, I'm sure most I will never meet but just knowing you all are out there is wonderful. 
I so enjoy reading all the wonderful comments that are left for me, I read each and every one of them and try to visit your blogs as often as possible...

Thanks for blogging....
 Thanks for sharing common interests and ideas....
Thanks for sharing your families, adventures, & everyday happenings with me..
I always look forward to a new day in blogland...

This weekend is a "state holiday" here in PA...  Saturday is opening day of Trout Season.  People come out in hoards for opening day, you'll see streams lined with cars, campers and people.  Some of them stake claims on their camping spots a week or more ahead of time.  We will be heading to our camp this weekend, a family tradition.  So....., I am trying to get what seems like 2 weeks worth of work done by Friday and I haven't even got my fishing license yet, LOL.  Wish me luck!

Blessings my friends,


  1. Your dry sink looks great,all tho the cheesecloth I think spoils it, maybe a see thru screen so you can still see your nice things. Anyway good luck with the fishing, hope ya catch some big ones :-}

  2. Love the sink all done up~~ great disply!!!!Just pull the cheesecloth to the side~ then you can see the display~ I like the look of a little curtain pulled away!!! But remember you have to look at it every~~~DAY!LOL, not me!!!
    I can't wait to hear what you name the bear~I am off to check out all the naming~
    Have fun over the weekend~

  3. I LOVE how you decorated yoour dry sink and the cheese cloth is an amazing idea!!!! I know I would have not of though of that!

    It looks PRIM PRECFECT!!!!

    I also LOVE the picture of the two liity's and one of them has thier little arm on thier buddy's shoulder, TOO CUTE!!

    Spring Blessings,

  4. Traci~

    Love what you did with the dry sink. You did a wonderful job on it. I like the idea of pulling the cheesecloth to the side so you can see what you've displayed. Now,I on the other hand, would need the cheesecloth to stay "as is" to hide all my stuff!!

    Enjoy your family outing~Becky

  5. I am loving the dry sink with the feedsack as a backdrop! But I do agree that pulling the cheesecloth to one side might be a good option. It is super-impressive how you did over the dry sink -- just a great job!

  6. You did GREAT my friend! I love the feedsack backer! I'd leave just like that - sans any curtain 'cause it looks so cool...YIPPEE can't stand the excitement for John Doe Bear....!!! He must be getting very excited too! ;o) Hugs & Smiles, Robin

  7. Love how you decorated the little dry sink.The bunny with the stick legs and carrot sack is adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. The dry sink is beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures of it.

  9. Well I just love how it looks! Makes me want one :) Have fun fishing, we love fishing and hunting. Can't wait to find out the name for your bear! I entered mine :)
    The Olde Willow

  10. Hey Traci, loving that new cabinet and the flour sack for your backing..lose the cheesecloth curtain..can't see the pretty inside.;)

  11. I love the dry sink too..its wonderful. Youve inspired me to hit the rummage sales when they start around here.(June...seeing as this is wisconsin and we'll have snow until then, lol) and see if I can create one. I love the feedsack backboard too...take away the curtain..your things are just way to awesome to cover up.

  12. Hi Traci, Awesome job on the dry sink!! Love all the goodies you have displayed, especially those bunnies. I like Teresa's idea of pulling the curtain back, then you can still see the goodies. Love that feedsack too. Have fun fishing.8-)

  13. Love how you've decorated your dry sink Traci - looks awesome! If you don't like the cheesecloth, how about stained muslin - and pull aside as suggested.

  14. Your dry sink turned out splendid!
    I'm not really liking the cheese cloth either.
    Loved the feed sack for the backboard.
    Prim Blessings


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