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Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Weekend....

Well, we knew it was going to be a busy weekend, but it sure was enjoyable. Friday evening while hubby was fishing, Maygan and I went to the auction and found these treasures.

Old Stool~I might repaint it or just stain it? not sure

Berry Tote

Misc Advertising Pieces

This is my Poor Man's Coverlet

Crock Chicken Waterer (is that a word?)

Found some neat things and spent a total of $13.00~ woohoo

Saturday's Grad Party/Pig Roast

Here's dinner coming off the roaster, it was on for 12 hours...

The bonfire was cool, a hollow log filled with metals gave off Blue and Green Flames

Yesterday, we wanted something to do as a family, there was only one stipulation, Maygan said it had to involve water, LOL. So we got going early with only one direction in mind, Lake Erie. Along the way we stopped at a Flea Market in Mayville, NY.
Then we continued on, taking the scenic route...went to Barcelona where Maygan got to swim a bit.

Maygan and her Dad

Me looking for Sea Glass

We started off again along Rt 20, heading towards Erie, PA. To bad it was Sunday cause we passed a bunch of little shops and markets but most were closed :(
This is all you see for miles and's Wine Country...lots and lots of grapes!

We did make it to Erie, had dinner and headed back home...We made one giant circle, never was a great day, lots of picture perfect scenery and good company.

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  1. Hi Traci,

    Thanks for your visit this morning, we are going to take his BP several times a day and record it for the next week. I wasn't sure how to use a manual cuff, but its pretty easy. Your weekend looks like it was loaded with love and laughter, how perfect.
    Hope you have a great week!!



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