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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Prims and Schools Out for the Summer

Hi Ya!
My daughter is so excited, Summer Vacation officially starts today at 11:40am. She could hardly wait to get to school today, she was ready and asking to go 1/2 hour early, LOL.... The last week the kids were busy doing fun activities at school, last Wednesday was their day at the pool, Friday was Fun Day (outdoor Games, I was in charge of the Water Relay Races, yikes) and yesterday was the First Grade Picnic at the park (more games and food). It's hard to believe that Maygan is heading into Second Grade, just where does time go?
This is Maygan's Spring School Picture

I did get a few things finished up and on my website. I have many more in the works, just need to find some time to complete them.

Here is a picture of my new 1791 Witch Doll....she turned out so her....

This is one of the new Antique Quilt Runners that I finished up. This is a great size for a small table or bench.


  1. What a little sweetie your daughter is. I bet she is looking forward to summer vacation. My daughter stated her vacation yesterday. It didn't come soon enough to suite her though. Your witch doll is adorable. Heading over to your website to take a look at your other creations. Enjoy your day.

  2. your daughter is precious :) looks about the same age as my Lizzie :) Love your prim doll I too will take a peek at your prim creations :)

  3. Thanks Amy...hope your daughter enjoys her time off with mom....Blessings, Traci

  4. Hi Andy! Maygan is 7, will be 8 this Fall. Thanks for peeking at my creations! Traci

  5. Ohh I love the prim witch doll!! Yes Summer Break is officially on here also. It goes so fast mine are middle and high already then my surprise lil one is almost 2. I so LOVE my surprise in my order from you, thanks so much!!!! That was so sweet :) :) :)


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