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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Finds=New Projects

Our trip to Rogers Market on Friday was pretty much a bust!
Oh phewy, to hot, not many vendors and
the vendors that were there were selling "market junk"
not the good old stuff I was hoping to find!

With sweat literally dripping from my face, I did manage to find a set of old
barn door hinges and four metal fur stretchers.
Fur stretchers you ask, yes, I think I have a plan for them!
We'll see, no I don't trap, LOL...
Spent a whopping $7.00....and
came home about 5# lighter

This weekend was our town wide yard sale days, usually I have a sale at my MIL's
but not this year...

I went sale hopping that's not me
just a toad I found in the yard this morning

still loaded .....  nice old frame, oak childs table with folding legs (love that part)
wool blanket (goodwill find on Thurs) and an old washstand

talked the guy down on the stand, paid $30.00 including the sacks

I am going to turn this little stand into a small step-back cupboard I believe
=====that's where the new project comes in!

other finds
footed oak basket 25 cents
couple wooden bowls to work with
vintage metal canisters....will sell these

Last night it RAINED, yes, yes, yes, finally a pretty good soaking
didn't do much for the rain barrels, I think it evaporated on the hot roof
on contact but everything got a drink!

You know why it rained, because Maygan and I went to Warren for the Ribfest and free Aaron Tippin concert at the park....yep, storm rolled in and we got drenched as we quickly made our way to the car..
but, it felt sooooo good!

Today I leave you with a pretty picture of my funny colored

supposed to be Blue or's almost a combination of both
with a hint of lavender..

Blessings on this good Sunday,


  1. Hi Traci~

    Love the goodies you bought!! $30 for the little cabinet & feed sacks?? I need to go shopping with you.

    The little toad is too cute & your hydrangea is beautiful!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  2. Love the toad, I have been looking everywhere for some sacks, Great find

  3. Love the stand, can't wait to see what you do with it. Love the hydrangea, beautiful color.

  4. I have those same hydrangea cool looking. love your finds. Rained for 2 minutes only last night...thank goodness we have well water or my bill would be insane...too bad about the market. Are you close to Lititz for their annual one day festival? I'm thinking of's near Lancaster...August 13th I think...enjoy your sunday.

  5. Awesome buy on the little washstand (and sacks!!) - can't wait to see where that project takes you!! Love the little toad!! I just love those guys!! Glad you got some rain...and, no, I wasn't dancing last night....I think the dance I did for you still hasn't worn off; we've gotten rain every day since! Beautiful hydrangea - they're one of my favorites....Wished they liked it better in Nod....Have a wonderful Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Wonderful goodies you found. Awesome price on the washstand and sacks! Can't wait to see how you turn that into a stepback cupboard!!!
    What are the fur traps for???
    Great pics as always!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Excellent finds, minus that ole toad;) I love seeing you makeovers and creations.
    Oh man, Aaron Tippin, he's a keeper in the country music world. It's always fun to get caught in the rain;)

  8. Hi Traci, Will be interesting what you use those fur traps for. Love the old wash stand. Glad you got rain, it is so dry here, maybe I need to wash my car, it would probably rain then, or hang out laundry. LOL Take care, Vicky

  9. hi, Traci~ whee it was hot Friday~ still too hot today for me~(but it's summer~ lOl)
    Wonderful finds~ Mr toad too cute~ Hydrangea a beaut!
    have a wonderful day


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