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Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Morning Glory

Good Morning...........Glory
& Happy Friday to Ya!

Love their buds

So what's happening this weekend in your world? 
Tomorrow is sale days in a neighboring town, I just may
do some more Treasure Hunting. 

And, we will be getting the camper ready to move to the fair next week.
Got all the bedding & such washed the other I need to wipe everything down, scrub the
floors and move in our clothes.

I worked on some more Penny Rug Mats yesterday, some small ones, hoping to finish them today.
Stitched until my eyes couldn't see the stitches anymore last night.

I was also looking through some old posts and found this one...  inspired by Patti's new Singer she got, it's a beauty!  Thought you might like to see "my girls", some of my Singers ...

Have a Great Day,


  1. Traci
    Your singers are classic ladies~ My Mom's singer went to my sister( as she sews & you know who doesn't!!) My sis still uses it~ I love the smell of it~ reminds me of Mom~I can see her sitting just sewing away~ Ah~ girl you brought back a wonderful memory ~ thank's!!!
    enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful color of glory. I enjoyed looking at your machines. For many years I used a treadle like your last lady. The bobbins fit right down in the case beneath too, just a matter of rolling the thread over the top and not from coming up under it when you place it in. I always thought the bobbin winder was amazing to watch as it filled. Thanks for the remembrance. Have a great weekend!

  3. Glorious "Glory," Traci!! You're right, those buds are amazing!

    And I adore your Singer collection!! Lucky, lucky, girl you! My mother had one she used for years and years before she got a more "modern" model - and, truthfully, I don't know what ever happened to it....but it, too, was a real workhorse - some of the mending that machine saw doing my father's and brother's workclothes....But the machine that makes my heart ache the most is my great grandmother's. She was a seamstress extraordinaire - she passed away many, many, years ago, and the machine stayed with her daughters. When the last daughter passed, they auctioned the estate and the machine was sold. I had every intention of bidding - but missed it when it came up for bid (long, "cranky," story....) I literally cried!! Enjoy yours! So cool that you actually use them!!

    Have fun saling - and at the fair! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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