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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fast Horses, Cowboys and an upset Living Room

Can you guess what we did this weekend?

Friday night we went to the rodeo at the Flying W Ranch.  Mmm, there's just somethin' about
Bucking Broncs, Big Bulls and Cowboys..

Get's me everytime, oh, and Maygan too!  It was her first rodeo, she had a blast...

So here's some eye candy of different sorts for you

The upset living room...  We have been needing new furniture forever
well, yesterday was the day to buy a new sofa and loveseat

When we got the new pieces into the living room,
which was only after tearing the house apart to get them in the door
 I HATED it...
it's just not my style, but hubby and Maygan liked it cause it's comfy
it'll grow on me, and I'm happy that they're happy
 it's just so much bigger than our old pieces
and I really don't spend a whole lot of time in front of the TV anyway

so, after much sweating, cussing and head shaking
it's taking shape 

more to do, things to move and those pillows NEED new covers sewn up ;)

I did get me writing desk moved in though!  That I'm excited about

Also getting excited about this coming Friday! 
We are heading to Rogers, OH to the market there
hoping to come home with some treasures I don't really have room for, LOL..

Not sure what I'll get into this week, stop back for updates
you just never know what may come of these two hands



  1. Hi Traci! Great rodeo pictures. I love going to the rodeo. Your living room is looking great and I hope you have a great time going to the market on Friday.

  2. hi, Traci
    Fun time at the rodeo great pics~ love the moon!!!
    Comfy looking furntiture~ I know it isn't your taste~ but yep we have to do things for them, their style~ Like in my home the hunting room( Oh, my word~ now it is a for hubby thing!!! LOL)
    Your writing desk is prim perfect!!!
    You are going to have fun at Rogers~ where a hat~ comfy shoes~ and drink plenty of H2o, it's huge & it is going to be hot~ hot!!

  3. I so know how you feel Traci I have been looking for a new chair for my livingroom and I could not find anything anywhere because its all so modern, the one I really love online is alot of money that I can't justify spending on it, so I finally found one on Saturday that at least was somewhat in my style....I have never been to a rodeo, it looks like alot of fun. Have fun at the market this weekend!!:0)

  4. LOve the pics!We love Rogers!We try to go at least twice a year!Lots of bargains and they have the best produce!They also have a amish stand in one of there buildings called Bylers and they have the best pickled beets and strawberry rhubarb jelly and yummy relishes and they have samples also set up.Your gonna love it!have fun!big hugs michelle

  5. I haven't been to the rodeo in years....your pictures are making me regret that! I forgot how much fun they can be!! Awww....the ol comfort vs. style battle. I feel your pain - but for us, add in space issues and it's even worse. I'd love the colonial settees/sofas from like Johnston Benchworks, etc. - but they're not exactly "napping" comfy for the DH....So, I thought we'd finally replace the sofa and chair that I bought at a rummage sale before I was even married, went through college with me and has been recovered twice already - only to find out that the sofas made today are too large for our living room! Apparently we have what is called an "apartment size" sofa - and they don't make that size anymore....Kinda depressing thinking you'll have to live with the same sofa the rest of your life! LOVE your little writing desk....Spotted that immediately! Looks great where you put it and how you have it accessorized! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Used to love watching bull riding on TV! LOL...(8 Seconds is a great movie!) We need a new couch too. Enjoy the open air market! ~*~Lisa

  7. I hear ya about having a time getting furniture in the house, we got our sofa stuck and scratched the door...Love the pics of the rodeo, I haven't been to one since we went to the HUGE one in Houston, TX...many years ago. I am a flea market addict! Good luck on your hunt and thanks for stopping by...You are one that does leave comments...I know I read a lot more than I comment on, I follow way too many!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  8. Rodeo... how cool! we've been to a few of those in our lifetime. I love the beautiful horses and cattle. Now we watch them on tv.
    Oh boy, been there done that with the furniture. I'm sure you'll take that talent of yours and fix it up right nice just the way you like it:)

  9. The rodeo looks like it was so much fun!!! Your home is lovely, I really love your school desk, awesome find. Hugs, Lecia

  10. Hi Traci, the rodeo looked like a lot of fun. I haven't been to a rodeo in years!!
    Why is it men like comfort and convenience and we gals go for looks, don't they get it?? I guess we have to pacify them though so they will let us keep getting treasures.8-) Love that writing desk!!


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