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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You Sweet Raspberry Patti!

Super Surprise for me....

Patti and I did a little seed swappin recently...
but she didn't stop in the mailbox was MoRe!

Ah shucks, sweet wrappings and all!

Look at all these Seeds!
everything from B to Z
Butterfly Bush to Zinnias

And this.....
Patti made special just for me
the cutest prim sack with a tealight
but the kicker is

Look it says, "York Mountain" on it...
I LoVE it!

Thank You Patti!  You are such a wonderful blogging friend....
it's true...  Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life
and now as my new seeds bloom, I'll think of you
so, go on over to Raspberry Lane Primitives and tell Patti just how sweet she is!

In other news...just sharing some more things I picked up at sales this weekend

Two Aprons

look at this fabric....
let me hear ya say, "ooooo" and "ahhh"
love that old blue fabric...
Aprons $1.00 each

real slate chalkboard, made in Italy

And, I met a blogger named Lynn
her blog is
she has a bunch of stuff she would like to swap or trade for
stop by and say hi, tell her I sent ya!
she's got oodles of cute mini dachsunds..hence the name
Life on the Wienee Ranch, LOL




  1. Great goodies!Patti is such a sweetie!Enjoy your night!Big hugs michelle

  2. wow... patti certainly did spoil you.. love all your new goodies. the aprons you got are wonderful. love the fabircs. and I love love love that chalk board. How wonderful
    Have a great night

  3. So glad you like your new tealight sack...have fun with the seeds. As you know some of them still need to "dry" out....don't ya just love the smell of the lemon basil? Its my newest herb this year...made turkey burgers and put it in...delic! Thanks for the sweet post...I did find my blanket flower seeds; will send soon.
    patti :)

  4. Love the aprons Traci - what a good deal! You will enjoy Patti's seeds for years to come! ~*~Lisa

  5. love the goodies you got and that prim sack is wonderful...:) love the things you found too.;) great treasures..;)

  6. Patti sure is a sweet gal. Love the bag!
    Awesome finds! Enjoy!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Hi Traci~

    Love your pouch from Patti & of course the seeds she sent your way. She sure is a sweetie!! Cute aprons & love, love, love that fabric.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  8. hi, Traci
    Patti spoiled you~ wonderful goodies!!
    Love the aprons~ yes, ooo~ahh!!
    Slate chalkboard~ nice find!!!

  9. Patti is a dear heart...and I know that those seeds will bloom beautifully under your care....That tealight sack is adorable!! No one, tho, deserves to be spoiled more than you...And, I'd say "Ooooo Ahhhhh" - those aprons and that fabric are precious! Have a great Wednesday, Traci! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. HI Tracy,
    Doing the happy dance here or rather the happy steps LOL back not working too good today. The mailman brought the package from you.
    Thank you so much. I love everything.
    Thanks for giving me a plug!


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