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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Reveal ~*~ Primitive Sawbuck Table ~*~

./'  ./'  ./' I'm so excited  ./' ./'  ./'
./'  ./' and I just can't hide it ./'  ./'

I finished my Sawbuck Table

if you remember a few posts back, I showed a picture of my sawbuck in the making.
I had purchased an antique tabletop recently....$5.00 investment
and look what I turned that five bucks into!

The top cleaned up so nicely, a light sanding
then I stained it with Ipswich Pine stain

Hey, hey, heY....did I catch you looking at my dust
 (please don't look at the dust in the cracks of the barn wood walls, it has to be one of the worst things in the world to keep clean)
adds to the "primitive ambience"
see the little folding camp stool...  I bought it at a rummage sale for 50 cents
I have something in mind for it later - stay tuned

Just some stills

If you noticed the bent twig chair beside the table

here's a closer look, hubby and I used to make twig furniture
this was our first chair we made...quite a few years ago

And....some other little things I finished up in the last day or two

a little primitive Flag Tree
I made sure that the Flags were Made In The USA
tea stained them and used an old broom handle for the post

Another Birdhouse
painted this one London Grey, I'm liking this color
it's a grayish brown

So anyway, I guess that's all for today...

gotta go clean up the mess I made to make room for my table
(I didn't show ya pictures of that, LOL)


P.S. please do a rain dance for us.....we need rain, haven't had a good soaking in over a month
 and my rain barrels are empty


  1. Hi Traci, Love, Love how your table turned out, love the stain you used, great job. The birdhouse is really neat, thanks for sharing. Oh Oliver hit 5 lbs,. Hugs Vicky

  2. Hey Friendlys...

    If you are kind enough to post a little comment for me today...I will pick one of ya to send a wee Thank You to. You never know, it could be you!


  3. you're new table looks fabulous Traci! Great job...who's looking at dust anyway...not me!..can't wait to see the camp chair redo! :0

  4. Love all your prims and the table looks wonderful!

  5. your table looks awsome. Great job... and as far as the dust... as a prim collector I don't see dust.. it is just part of the decor..LOL

  6. hi, Traci
    Wonderful job on the table~ the displays are so pretty~
    I am doing a rain dance for you~
    Last night we got drenched~I was out watering the garden~ and the clouds came in~ the rain came & didn't stop until this morning around 7am~
    Flooded alot of places~ I am high so we are just wet!!!Now it is just back to HOT & HUMID!
    enjoy your day~ love the toes!

  7. Oh girl~ I love it! You are so lucky to have the time to make all you mind tinkerings a reality.(plus you do a wonderful job at it) Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Traci Girl....That is my absolute favorite redo/makedo of yours I've seen!! I LOVE it!!! The stained top and painted/distressed base are absolutely perfect!! I want one!!! (Yeah, good luck with THAT, hey?!!) Dust? What dust??? We have rough hewn beams and trim, and I've just stopped even trying to get them clean - they looked worse with pieces of my cleaning cloth stuck all over after I tried cleaning than if I had just left them! Beautiful "stills" too - so many fun things to take in....Love that birdhouse....And, just for you, I'll break out my ol' Ojibwa rain dancing moccasins later today and do a ditty.....We've had the hot muggies too, but we've had some brief showers each of the past two days - but no real relief...even the rain is hot! Wishing you cool breezes....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Awesome table Traci!! Love that twig chair too and the birdhouse...well I love everything I see!!8-)

  10. Ahhh, I love it! Nicely done Traci;)

  11. Hi Traci~

    Love your table!! And your displays are lovely!!

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  12. Hi Traci, you are one talented girl!! Love your table and displays, I am still afraid of the saw. He He Have a great eve. Hugs, Lecia

  13. That table is just great, love your chair and the stills. Just terrific!

  14. Our rain barrel is bone dry. It was 102' here today and this is Iowa, not Mexico!
    I am seriously loving your sawbuck table. You did it just right--prim perfect!

  15. I love your table, also! I am loving your flag holder, too! You come up with some great stuff!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  16. The table is gorgeous! I love the wooden bowl you have on top, too.


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