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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seeing PoTentiaL~~~~~Recently ReDone

One of my Weekend Market Finds
sanded, painted a robins egg blue, sanded again, & stained

Before........bowl on the left
it had a layer of Nasty, with a capital N, on it
once I got through that
it looks like this

Reproduction Firken/Sugar Bucket
whatever you want to call it
natural wood before
now barn red over black

$1.00 Footstool
recovered in a remnant of home decor fabric I had

...~...Now comes the Seeing Potential Part...~...

If  you remember I went to an auction a couple weeks ago
got lots of chairs and a small table

This is what I have to work with
(don't mind the fabulous backdrop, the 4-wheeler, LOL)

Chairs were all $1.00 each

Small side table $1.00

I have been trying to work on at least one project a day...

so many things waiting on me to be re-done

I also finished up a Wooden Mail Slot and Scoop yesterday..
they are going on my website

Don't forget to check out my Blog Sale
runs through July 9th
on my selling blog

Have a Great Day..


  1. Pretty re-dos~ looking forward to seeing the chairs redone~ Awesome finds~ and you made them better!!

  2. Love the redos & the new goodies! You got some great bargains with lots & lots of potential! Have fun!!

  3. WOW!! great re-dos! and great bargins!!! OLM

  4. Wonderful re-do's Traci!! Can't wait to see where you take those chairs!! And love that little side table - I have one almost just like that - was one of the things I "snabbed" from my mom's when I got married and moved out and had no furniture!! Have fun!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Love the bowls....
    I have several of the 'faux' firkins that I have redone. They sell very well.
    Love to see what you do with the chairs. Lots of potential there! Especially for $1!

  6. Awesome finds!!!!
    Great deals on the chairs and table ~ can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Prim Blessings

  7. Kick the dog 'n spit in the fire Traci! I can't believe you got those wonderful chairs for $1 ea! You go girl! Love the egg & bowl too. (your header pic is awesome!) ~*~Lisa


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