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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Morning - Bingo Words Day 2

This is what it looked like outside here this morning....FROSTY! It's not my photo, it's one from the internet...

Harvest Bingo Words Day 2

Harvest Blessings

So what does everyong have on their agenda for today? For me, it's to the sewing room...



  1. Good morning Traci!It is so cold here too,gonna have to stop wearin my flipflops soon.My agenda today is not much but later tonight when the kids all get home we are watching Toy Story 3.I cant wait they have seen it but I havent and I love the Toy Story movies.Have fun sewing.blessings michelle

  2. Hi Traci,
    My daughter and new grandson are coming over today. So I will spend time with them. And I have a few things on my sewing table that I am finishing up. Have a great day!!

  3. It is cold in my parts as well. 24 degrees right now to be exact. Today I am going to work, vote and relax. I am keeping my girlfriends daughter for a couple of days while she recovers from surgery she is having this morning. Pray for me. I will be getting dressed for work the next three mornings with two teenage girls! Never a good thing for an old mother!!

  4. Good Morning Traci Sweeetie...
    Frost oh my. I can't even imagine it. I bet it will put a pep in your step. Have you got your fireplace going? Your heater on already?

    Living here in the desert of Phoenix, there are not many days we don't have beautiful weather in the Fall and Winter. We had a beautiful 90(ish) day yesterday and another one is called for today. This is what keeps me here in the desert.

    I am off to work for another 10 hour day. Have a beautiful Tuesday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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