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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are we getting close to a Winner? Bingo Words Day 10

Who is the closest to getting Bingo? How many words do you need?

Today's Harvest Bingo words are

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I was able to finish a bunch of Christmas Stitcheries I had stitched. They are all backed, stuffed and stained ready for the show on November 20th. I have to say that I am on a roll and have quite a "pile". I think I may list a few items on my website later today/tonight and see if anyone is interested before the show.

The weather this week is so pleasant! Today it's supposed to reach a high of 58 degrees....wooo hooo.....

Tata for now,


  1. I only need 3 more words Traci. Come on let them be the next ones you pick!

    Oh please show us your stitcheries. That is one of the only crafts I am able to create. I would love to see yours.

    Have a great day,

  2. I just need 3 more words.

    hope they'll be the next you pick. ;0)


  3. I started out good, but now luck is not with me,
    I still need 6



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