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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank You Lil' Raggedy Angie & prim Halloween naked jar candle cover

Doesn't this Jack-o-Lantern look cute?
you'll never find a quicker or more inexpensive candle cover

but first, I'd like to say
Thank You! to Angie from Just A Lil Raggedy
I received a prize pack, loaded with Angie's handmades last week

Look at what sweet Angie sent to me
A wonderful Americana Table is super long and covered my
whole bench coffee table

A stack of Raggedy Stars, Miss Liberty Doll, Firecrackers and a cute
Americana Basket...those firecrackers will come in handy even if the 4th is long gone ;)

Thank You Angie!

Stop by and wish Angie and her family well, they are in the process moving to their new homestead.
Angie is always so kind hearted and generous, she'd love you to visit!

Okay, back to the naked Jar Candle Cover
It's just a paper lunch sack
Super simple and fun for the kids to decorate
I drew the face on with a black marker
Tied at the top with raffia or jute
These work best on those candles that are almost melted down, so the face shows up when lit
Caution:  be sure to trim the bag and raffia so that it doesn't hang over the top of the lit candle
(obviously a fire hazard)

Here are a couple of new Halloween Graphics I designed this morning
feel free to use them on your blogs

This one has a transparent background so it works best on anything but black backgrounds
(see upper right sidebar)

Have a Blessed Day,


  1. Great goodies from Angie. She is a sweetheart and so kind. Love the candle wrap. Too cute. Will have to do this with my Darbee Rae. Thanks for sharig.

  2. You were gifted with some great prizes from Angie! The pumpkin light is cool. I'll have to save some brown sacks and jars to make some!

    Autumn blessings!

  3. I love your candle cover ~ can't wait to try it out with my little man! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your gifts from Angie! And the candle cover is fantastic.

  5. love that jack O' Lantern!!! and love the goodies you received from Angie..and thanks for the free graphics..I am going to post them on my blog right now.)

  6. oh and I love your new header picture..did you make it too?

  7. Congratulations on your win from the ever-generous and always-sweet raggedy....Fun things....Love the candle cover idea - gee, who would of thunk it?? Thanks for the awesome graphics - and I LOVE your header....that's just the cat's pajamas!! Have a great Thursday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Traci , Just lovin your new header gosh woman you're so super talented what cant you do? :0) Im glad you like your goodies , thanks for sharing them and being such a great friend and blog follower! Thank you for the great graphics cant wait to put them to use , and O the punkin wraps are awesome princess will love makin those for sure , Ill share pics when she does ! Have a magnificent fall day ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  9. Girl Love the Header!!!!
    Wonderful goodies from Angie~
    have a wonderful day~

  10. Traci: Your JOL is just GREAT!! Love it!!! Love allyour sweet prims from Angie! She's so generous!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Cool gift box from Angie :o) Thanks for the great graphics.


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