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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Birthday Bedroom Make-Over..on a budget

This is a make-over of a different color!  I'm not much of a PINK person but Maygan is and
part of my birthday gift to her was a bedroom make-over.

I had thought about this for weeks but woke up yesterday morning and decided to tackle the task
before she got home from school as a "birthday surprise"

I didn't have any of the supplies but the local Dollar General did...two trips later
and less than $30.00, she has a 9 yr. old....girly, girly room

This is what I accomplished in 2 hours..I put lavender daisys in little vases she had, one for each window

Rearranged and cleaned/dusted all her furniture

New Hot Pink Sheers ($5.00 panel), I used three panels (2 for the large window and 1 to make curtains for the small windows)

I topped each window with Feather Boas....$1.00 each..used 2

Pretty white butterflys hang in front of each window with pins and fishing line.

Leftover sheer for atop her desk with a white vase $.90, a $.20 giant gerber daisy, a different desk chair & birthday balloons
(I will eventually re-do her desk and chair, didn't have time)

She was so excited with her room make-over..she said, "It's every girl's dream"..LOL

She got a new desk lamp and photoboard for her room as gifts, so there is more to be done and added.

In addition to her room I made meatballs for spaghetti dinner, birthday cake, did 5 (yes, 5) loads of laundry, wrapped gifts, took cupcakes for school treat, cleaned house...and had birthday dinner guests at 6:30pm last night.  Needless to say, I was ready for bed when the time finally came!

Thank You all so kindly for the birthday greetings and wishes yesterday for Maygan.  I read them all to her and she was thrilled....  she thought is was so cool and wanted to know where each one came from...birthday wishes from other states and countries is so Awesome!

I wish I could take the "day off" but, I have a large wholesale order in the yard it a mess (millions of leaves) but it will have to wait.  And....I can't wait to start on some more projects & re-dos..oh and Christmas prims too....I have my list made but that's about it.

I have two shows coming up...the weekend after Thanksgiving and the 1st weekend in December..back to back shows...  I have nothing ready for them, so if anyone has any extra hours in their day, I'll take'em!

Off to another day at the "races"
Blessings & Hugs,


  1. Well, Traci, you certainly made Maygan's day!!! Such a sweet girl's room. I bet she will remember it forever. Where do you get your energy? I want some! LOL

  2. Must have made you feel so good to hear Maygan tell you how happy she was with her new make-over room!!! You did a great job -- and gave her a wonderful birthday!! I, too, wonder where your energy comes from.....
    Have a happy day!

  3. Oh, what a precious girls room~ it is perfect!!!
    Love the butterflys( giggles I had butterfly wallpaper when I was her age~had to have it!!)
    Sounds like a perfect birthday~ and a busy day for Mom~
    have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Awe, how cute her room turned out! What are you Wonder Woman? You sure got a lot done! You sure know how to make a little girls birthday, something special!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Love her room, my Sissy would love that pink! Happy Birthday to your Darling. I hope all goes well with your show preparations!

  6. Very cute bedroom Traci! Great job! You were mighty busy!


  7. So pretty for a little girl.I can only imagine her excitement.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. What a wonderful gift for Maygan - and what a fun room....But, girl - I want some of whatever it is you drink in the morning - You're amazing!! Hope you have a wonderful day - and find some time for YOU somewhere along the way....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. A little big girls dream! The pink sheers are a perfect spark of girlie pink. Smart idea with the feather boa's. ..Oh how i miss those days! I just did a revamp to my 14yr olds bedroom on Saturday ..It was so sad to have to tuck away those Tutu's and take down the pink paisley curtains. We compromised her desire for dark dramatic walls with light walls & black Parisian accessories..WE SCORED BIG AT DG TOO!! Gotta love Dollar General. I am looking forward to seeing what ya come up with for Maygan's desk .. You are a busy Mom with so much to do ;0) but wowzers the creativity with your bedroom surprise was extra special! Thanks for sharing
    Happy Birthday Maygan!


  10. Hi, Traci, breath girl, breath! Happy Belated Birthday greetings to Maygan. I'm sorry I missed it.
    You did a SuperMom job on her bedroom, really sweet.
    What about her comment, isn't that the sweetest age?
    My girl is 22 1/2, I still see her running and playing
    as she was at 3,4,5...enjoy your daughter's childhood
    every day, she's a treasure!
    Warm Regards,

  11. Happy Belated birthday to Maygan! Her room is so very cute! You did a wonderful job!

  12. What a very lucky GIRL!
    I just love it. So girly!
    Happy Birthday to your sweetie.
    Hugs Trace

  13. So're a special mom! Tell her happy birthday!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to Maygen!!!
    What an awesome gift! You did a great job Traci!!!
    I can't believe all the things you did in a day ~ no wonder your tired!
    Don't forget to take some me time!
    Prim Blessings

  15. You most certainly gave her a memory for a lifetime. My sister and I went to my Aunt's in Milwaukee once...when we came home my parents had redone our bedroom. They sanded the wood floors, painted old metal frame beds white for us, added floral bedspreads, painted the walls bubblegum pink with a pink plaid wallpaper! I will never forget walking in that room and the smell of it!! HEY...maybe that's why I'm "addicted to decorating" as my 18 yo says!

  16. Girly, girly is right! She must be in heaven with all that pink!

  17. What a wonderful gift for your lil gal! ~*~Lisa

  18. What a perfect gift for Maygan!! She must have been thrilled.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  19. I'd say she's one lucky girl! Bet she loves her room!


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