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Monday, October 10, 2011

Primitive Stepback Cupboard - I did it!


A trip down memory lane
this is what I started with

the hutch is built

the indecisive stage

all done and decorated
(notice the decorative piece below the top...I copied the design from the bottom cabinet to tie it all together)
I still need to get hardware for the draw pulls...but I haven't figured out what I want just yet.
In the end, I decided to remove the paint from the top..... even though I did like it, I figured I would get tired of it and then I'd have another project
(which I don't need :)

the top
check out the cool apple gourd I got last weekend
(need advice on drying it please)

shelf #1 .......haha, this sign cracks me up
the BuTT in Butt'ry kind of jumps right out at you
Shelf #2

love the hue of the "countertop" ...dark walnut stain

The bottom cabinet cost me $30.00 at a yard sale this summer.  All the other materials were
stock we had on hand and some recycled wood. 

Now I have myself a Primitive Stepback Cupboard..
that I love...
Well, now that that's re-done, made-over, in the history books...
it's onto the next prim make-over

What'll it be next?

Hugs & Happiness,

P.S. one post below is a free Primitive Blog Header...
if you like it, you can use it



  1. It turned out wonderful Traci! You did a great job! LOVE it!

  2. Beautiful job! You are very talented!!

  3. O Traci its gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! Hugs lilraggedy angie

  4. TRACI!!!!!!!!! WOw girl! Nicely done!!!! Looks great and gives me ideas.... hmmmm.

    Carmen and the Princats

  5. Love it Traci!! You have it decorated really cool also!!


  6. Traci you did a fantastic job on your makeover and the table top looks absolutely perfect. It just makes the piece stand out. Good choice girl!

    You have it decorated so beautifully. I love the filled jars best.

    Have a blessed day,

  7. Oh, my good gravy! That is so beautiful! Great job! Everything looks so prim!
    Warm autumn blessings,

  8. Well my goodness, that is just fabulous! Love the way it turned out. I like that you didn't paint the top black, it made a world of difference in the look! Cute decorations! Now! Inspire us all some more!!!!

  9. Whooaaa...that's all kinds of seriously cool. I absolutely ADORE it!! Love every stinking thing about it - how you mimicked the bottom trim on the top, the walnut stain the distressing, the perfect displays...every stinking detail. You are my redo guru girl! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Oh my gosh- it is beautiful! Love how it turned out and now I'm thinking more about the old cabinet down in the cellar that they left when we bought our house a couple of months ago...thanks for the great inspiration!

  11. oh I love the dark walnut stain with the just pops and is timeless!!! you did a fantastic job on it and I love how you have it rock,:)

  12. Hi Traci, You have outdid yourself, a fantastic job. We all just need to use our brains to see what we can accomplish. Love how you decorated it, enjoy your stepback cabinet, I know you will have tons of fun rearranging it from time to time. Hugs, Vicky

  13. All I can say is LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!


  14. Girl, you are amazing! I love this! We've got an old hoosier on the back porch that needs refinished and this black is looking real good.

  15. Wow Traci!!! Your stepback cupboard is absolutely beautiful!!
    You are truly talented! I am sure you will enjoy it for years to come and it will be a treasured family heirloom:)

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  16. Hi Traci.. Beautiful Stepback... Great job and the price was right...
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and comment on my happy Day.. I hope you had a happy Day too!!


  17. Hello New Friend
    I am a new follower. I just love your new step back. AWESOME JOB!!
    I just love love love. You are a talented gal!
    Happy Fall Trace


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