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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

Well, I kept super busy this weekend, keeping my mind busy was best.  We enjoyed some of the nicest fall weather, I would say we're in the midst of an Indian Summer.

Yesterday I did some more autumn yard work, cleaned up the rest of the garden, emptied flower pots and took care of all the summer stuff from the porch.

It was such a beautiful day for Maygan and I to release our Butterfly that finally hatched on Friday.

Almost a month to the day from when we found the caterpillar
Friday afternoon the chrystalis began to clear

by 9:00pm Friday night the butterfly had emerged
(we didn't get to see this part)
but, isn't it beautiful!

Here it is yesterday in all it's glory on Maygan's arm
about to spread it's wings in flight
about to take off.........bye, bye Butterfly
What a great experience this was for both May and I (even hubby thought it was pretty cool)
made me a little sad to say goodbye...have a safe journey southwest pretty Monarch

and today

Woo Hoo

I'll share that tomorrow!



  1. just amazing special for you little one!
    did you keep the catepillar in a jar? I'm going out to look in our hedgerow tomorrow! :) patti

  2. ooops, your little one-Maygan! :)

  3. What a cool experience with the butterfly! They are so amazing.

    Woohoo about the cupboard! Can't wait to see it! :)

    Autumn Blessings, Jessica

  4. That is so cool to see! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your cupboard!


  5. What timing for your beautiful little sign of new life and hope to spread it's wings - peace & hugs ~*~Lisa

  6. Isn't it the coolest thing to do. Last fall I had two Luna moth Chrysalis. We had them from the Caterpillar stage all the way thru. They were in the cocoon stage for 7 months. It was great to see them emerge and to release a moth that actually not many folk get to see.

  7. What a wonderful experience - love the photos....perhaps a word of comfort from you mom....Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I found a little black and orange catapillar on the side of the garage tonight..isn't it late for them..yours is beautiful..can't wait to see your cupboard.;)

  9. So beautiful sweetie!Big hugs michelle

  10. Awww, that's wonderful your daughter got to experience that. Nature's beauty... can't beat it.

  11. Hi Traci~

    Beautiful butterfly!! So glad you shared your experience with us.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky


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