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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Christmas & Winter Primitives added today

Just one of the newbies listed on my website just a bit ago
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!
everywhere we go~

I woke up early this morning (I like to get up before everyone else, I can work in peace and quiet that way).  Needed to make tarts for an order and wanted to finish some more Christmas Prims.  When I looked outside, I was immediately in the "Christmas" mood.
Beautiful snow laiden trees and the snow still falling.
Ahhh, even I enjoyed the SNOW this morning, but it can go away now, LOL!

We are going to Chinese for dinner later and need to run to Walmart for a couple little last minute Halloween costume goodies for Maygan.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...
Blessings N Hugs,


  1. that reindeer is amazing...

  2. I love your deer! I looked over your listings (Again!). You have some great things! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. love that have wonderful stuff in your mercantile..its all wonderful.;) have a great evening..;)

  4. loving that reindeer Traci - and your snowfolk are adorable as well....Now, if I could just find which mattress I hid my stash of cash in! ;o) Have a wonderful Sunday - make sure to take pictures of Hippie Maygan!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Traci~ cute reindeer~ I was watching the weather channel last night~ so many beautiful photos of the snow~ but ya all can keep it for now~ I am not ready yet~ but it is always so exciting the first snow, the smell, sound, very peaceful~
    enjoy your day~ like Robin~ need pics from Halloween~ giggles can't wait to see Maygan~

  6. What a lovely reindeer. I want to spring it to action. Christmas is showing up in so many places. Soon the snow will be here too and I can get in the mood. -Steph-


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