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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Spencer! ...quit sticking your tongue out at all these nice people that came to visit.
Geesh, by the looks of his chin he just cleaned up Maygan's plate of spaghetti.....

It's a sunny start to our Saturday here but it is sure a chilly one, in the teens overnight.

I have been working on some prim dolls.  Yesterday my oven was full of body parts, LOL...  Listed some Extreme Prairie Dolls on my other blog this A.M., got a couple of Mammy Dolls in the works and another prim dollie too.

I am going to start on the Bear for my Name That Bear Contest & Giveaway .... 

Sending wishes your way for a Wonderful Weekend...


  1. oh Spencer is just adorable,what i can make out from that big ole togue pokin out ,lol.Its a little chilly here today but sunny,my poor tulip leaves are lookin sad though .hope they make it.have a wonderful day sweetie!blessings and hugs michelle

  2. hi, Traci
    Spencer is a cutie~love you dolls prim perfect!
    have a great Saturday~

  3. Hi Traci, hard to believe it is in the teens anywhere. We are 90 degrees this afternoon!! Having to run the ac.8-)
    Your dolls are adorable, really good job!!

  4. LOL love your comment on Spencer sticking his tongue out at your visitors - too cute! So is Spencer.


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