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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snowstorm, Teddy from Tammy & Coffee

Look at this Handsome Guy...  Tammy from A Primitive Place and I did a prim Teddy Bear Swap

Not only did we both receive an awesome Teddy Bear but our timing was perfect, both received ours yesterday.  Tammy is a day ahead of me in posting, if you'd like to visit her post and see the bear I sent her

I just love my Burlap Bear to pieces
I have yet to think of a special name for him...but I will

Thank you Tammy for swapping with me and sharing your talent for making 
perfect Olde Primitive Teddy Bears!  I will cherish him always ♥

Tammy has links on her blog to places where she offers her Bears and other Primitive Handmades.  


So are you wondering about the Coffee part of my title.....?
We have been without power for 8 1/2 hours and I am just now enjoying my first cup
we had a heck of a snow storm yesterday and last night, woke up to about 7" this morning and no electricity
which of course means NO COFFEE...but all is good now :)

This is was my poor, poor lilac tree, I rescued it a few times yesterday.  This pic was taken before dusk, this morning the top of the tree was touching the ground.

A view from the front steps this morning, it sounded like gun shots going off in the woods.
Trees and branches coming down all over the place

View from my front's pretty but it can melt now and stay gone 
until next winter...please!

Today is Tuesday and that means that it is
Display Chain Day...It's all about can see links to all participating blogs at
so go, get your garden on!

Now I'm gonna go and get my day on, don't think I'll catch up now, LOL
Thanks for your visits yesterday and today...  

Snow Angels Kisses,


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  2. Tammy's bears are adorable! I bought one for my MIL, now I want it back! ;) I'll have to go check out the one she received!
    BIG BUMMER on the snow!!! It's cold here but knock on wood, no snow!
    Thank you for making this last display chain special with donating a wonderful prize!

  3. hi, Traci~ Cute Bear, Tammy's does a wonderful job!!
    Okay, sorry but the snow looks pretty, but ugh, April, we were saved from it they thought we might get some but missed us, and yes I am glad, poor blooms look sad~
    Thanks for contributing to Misi's chain!
    keep warm~

  4. Hello Traci- Love the bear from Tammy. So Adorable! The snow is pretty, but losing power isn't o pretty. Especially if you can't have your morning coffee, Lol! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Oh my goodness, Traci!
    Look at that snow!!
    I'm so happy your power is back on.
    Hope it warms up and melts away soon.
    Until then, stay warm!

    I'm so glad you liked your teddy.
    Thanks do much for swapping with me!

  6. Wow, your snow looks beautiful. Glad you weren't without power any longer than that. Love your bear swap.

  7. Traci, HOLY COW!!! all that snow...YIKES! and no coffee...oh my... it sure is pretty, but in December not April...ugh.... OLM

  8. Your little burlap bear is charming. I also saw the yellowware bear your made for Tammy & it is just as charming. You are both very talented. Oh the snow must all melt & be gone until next winter. Bring on the spring I say. Blessings!

  9. Awe Traci. The bear is so cute. That's fun to have a personal swap like that. I can't wait to go see the bear you gave her. That's some amazing snow!!! I can't believe you were out of power for so long. Was is cold too? I love the offerings for the Display Chain. Thank you so much for working hard to give us such a fun give away. I really love all the things you make. You are such a nice person. -Steph-

  10. Hi Traci,
    We were lucky down here, power went on and off and then stayed on. Your lilacs should be fine. My lilacs looked like that too and went out and took all the snow off. Today, with the sun shining, they are back to normal!!!!
    Love your bear!!!


  11. Such a wonderful swap of bears Traci!!!
    I always hate it when it snows in spring ~ it's always the wet heavy stuff. Hope it all melts fast for you!
    So glad you got to have your cup of joe!
    Prim Blessings

  12. Oh heck....So sorry to read of, and see, that white stuff....We had some last Thursday/Friday as well, but only a few inches. (Thankfully no more, or we would have lost power as well, as we usually do - and when it goes, it for a very long, long, time. 8+ hours ranks up there though....) Hope your lilacs make it - wow - you have blooms already??? Ours are just leafing out. And awesome, awesome bear - be sure to let us know what you name him. I already saw that sweet little yellowware bear you did for Tammy....Like I told her, you two are the BEAR QUEENS!! No one does 'em better!!! Thanks, too, for co-hostessing the display chain this week - saw the sweet goodies you made as a gift on Misi's're one madly talented lady my friend..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Oh no! No coffee!! Yikes.
    I hope all of your plants made it through safely. This is way too late in the season for snow. The bear is so sweet. What fun to do swaps. I have done a few and I just love it. Hope you are staying warm. Blessings ~Sara

  14. HI Traci..I am loving these two bears you and Tammy made. You two make them the best....Somebody is going to be one lucky gal to receive your sweet your strawberries...Mary

  15. I just its of the snow. Happened upon one does in blogging, I find! I loved the bear but was so sorry to see the effects of the snow! Joan

  16. The snow is so pretty, if not really wanted this time of year. The photos are pretty.

  17. Oh Girlfriend
    You really got some snow..
    Wow I do love the stuff but not in the Spring and no coffee.
    Sure looks pretty though.
    Sending you a giant hug!!
    Love both of those beautiful bears.


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