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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain~Crafting Secret Revealed

Display Chain Tuesday, I told myself for two weeks now that I am going to remember to participate in
Misi's Chain Gang!

Well it's Tuesday and I remembered!

To visit all the gangsters stop by Misi's blog ~1890 Gable House for links to all the blog posts and to participate yourself!

This week's theme is Secret Tips & Helpful Hints with ties to
Crafting and/or Decorating

I had a hard time with this, been racking my brain to think of secrets, tips and hints that I have.
Just about came up empty but, I have a couple to share.

My BIGGEST secret is
"think outside the box"

When I create and decorate, I like to "paint outside the lines" so to speak.  I use weird finds in weird ways, nothing "cookie cutter" about my style.

#1 - Don't overlook the possibililites ~ for instance, this is a top to an old egg crate.  I picked it up at a sale, the rest of the crate missing.  So, instead of a nice egg crate to display, I use the top as a prim make-do towel hanger

#2 ~ Here is a use for those old bed pillows that have become to flat to rest your head a cover for them and use for chair pads.  I have also bought new bed pillows at the dollar store, cut them in half (stuffing & all), sew the open ends closed and cover for sofa pillows. 
You can usually pick up a 2 pk. of cheap pillows for $5.00...that makes 4 sofa pillows costing a mere 1.25 each!

#3 ~  Lot's of sewing goes on here..there is nothing worse than getting half way through a doll body and running out of bobbin thread.  I always keep a couple of bobbins wound, that way you don't have to stop to wind the stinking bobbin ;)

#4 ~ Color coded fabric drawers....  my sewing room is by no means organized the way I would like it (severe lack of space)..but I do keep my fabrics all organized in see through plastic drawers, by color.

#5 ~ Creating in masses..I seem to create in "bulk"...I have days where I cut-out and sew all day.  Then it's onto turning & stuffing.  Next comes the painting & staining process.  I find that by having lots of projects in the same stages, it saves loads of time.  

Today was Dolly dress-up day...tonight I will put the finishing touches on my new babies and they be ready for new homes.

Thanks for stopping sure to visit all the Display Chains..



  1. Hi, Traci~ Great Secrets~ love the crate, clever gal!!! Pillows, I have a few of the smashed ones, wonderful idea for them~
    Precious dolls you have been dressing~
    glad you joined in you are always making Like I say " Nothing into Something Terrific"

  2. Loving those simple dolls! Yes I love seeing your out the lines creations often wonder how you thought of that.I have some old feedsacks here and the cheap fill pillows are the idea I needed.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Wonderful tips Traci. Looking at things outside the box is hard at first, but after a while it becomes easier and way fun. I am loving the sweet dolls. Such wonderful colors of fabric. I like the see through drawers. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-

  4. Oh, how I wish I had your sewing talent!! I love the pillows and that's a great idea!! And the egg top...just genius!!! I really love the make-do towel holder! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Love your ideas, Traci! My hubby loves his flat
    pillows, I might have to buy some for him and
    take his to make pillows for the couch, since
    I don't like the ones that came with it. Love
    your dolls, too! Have a great day. :)

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. Chain Gang Giggles My
    I just knew you were an organized gal! Hopefully a little will rub off on me. Hugs & thanks for sharing along.. I so appreciate all your creativity!.....those dollies are mine right?

  7. Love all your ideas Traci.
    And lovin those sweet prim dolls,
    Happy Tuesday

  8. Traci,

    Yes, so many shared tips!! Always trying to keep the bobbins wound... I hate when I realize it's time again! Dressing day is the best!!! seeing those creations come to life! OLM

  9. Great ideas and tips, Traci! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    I wish I could be so organized!

  10. Hi Traci..I love the pillows idea...I hate when the bobbin runs out..I just started keeping extras ready to use. I wish I was that organized with my fabric..Your prim dolls are so sweet..I love them!

  11. Ok....I have bobbin envy. ;o) Hey Sweetie - so glad to see you joining in on the chain gang. Looking like I won't make it this week (family issues) - but missing everyone else's posts would break my heart. Love your ideas....You're making me wonder what the heck hubby did with the top of my chicken crate when I made him take it off!! Shame on us! (But, I didn't know you then - really!) Loving those dollies something fierce....Smiles & Missin' You Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Thanks Traci for all the wonderful tips and tricks!!!
    I really like the pillow idea ~ who would of thought!!!
    I create in bulk too ~ but sometimes I don't feel like I get a lot accomplished!!!
    Thanks Again for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  13. Great tips Traci!! Enjoyed my visit this morning!!

    Have a beautiful day~Becky

  14. Love those tips and secrets :D Love those dollies too! Thanks Traci :o)


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