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Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in review

Another week done gone...

An early start to a day filled with junkin'...treasure huntin'
Just a smidgen of my finds today
a great old bench, a cast iron bracket and three lovely old drawers

I will share some of my other "indoor" finds when I place them

I hit up 2 estate sales, 2 rummage sales and 2 garage sales
YiPPee...tis' the season

Last night Maygan's Girl Scout troop visited our lil' local airport for a tour
~The Flying Ace~

We all had a great time...

Other than that...just been the same ole', same ole'

Tomorrow is a trip to the fabric shop, gotta stock up on some essentials

Have a Great Weekend,


  1. Love the bench and drawers you found! Next weekend is our area's 100 mile garage sale. I live on the Mississippi river so it goes up one side of the river and down the other side. I am hoping to find some good things. Have a great weekend.
    Be blessed

  2. Is there a pilot in your future???

  3. Now that's my kind of shopping!!!!
    Great goodies!

  4. Morning Traci~
    looks like you found some wonderful treasures! Tried leaving a comment on the wonderful bear that Tammy made but was having trouble with blogger................seems to be the norm lately! Anyway, he is adorable!
    We have a small landing strip just behind our house. It was used for spray planes for many years for the crops, but not it's mainly used for training of future pilots! Maybe Ms. Maygan can bring you buy one day-the coffee is always on!


  5. Can't wait to see what you do with the drawers.Hugs!~Amy

  6. Traci, the wooden drawers are awesome. What are you going to do with them. There are so many possibilities. Sounds like you had a day full of fun shopping. The bench would be pretty outdoors with some potted plants on it:) Glad you had fun at the airport. -Steph-

  7. Now that's a day of junkin.. wish I would have been with ya.. I can't wait for the garage sales & yard sales to start around here. Great finds.. can't wait to see all the indoor finds!

    Looks like the girls were having a great time..

    Have a grat Day!


  8. Great bench and drawers....I've been looking for a bench for my son's "shop" - everyone I've found so far have been too "good" to put outside, so now I'm banned from even looking. (Boo hoo....) Maygan looks like a natural there....Actually, I always wanted to be a pilot....unfortunately, my crow eyesight didn't qualify me.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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