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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last and Final Update to Benefit Silent Bid Auction

First of all..........let me say THANK YOU!

I am so happy with all the wonderful donations of Primitive Handmades that I have received to
benefit the Silent Bid Auction.  And to be completely honest, a bit overwhelmed!
I think that my computer is acutally smoking from downloading pictures and returning emails, LOL!

But ......(and I really hate to do this)
As much as I would like to keep adding to the auction, I am now going to end donations being accepted. We only have 4 days until the auction ends and are on a very tight deadline of December 20th. Thank you for your understanding!

Dial up those prim friends and family can pool your money and make your bid,
then divide all these treasures up later.  Or just tell hubby you need the credit card, LOL

Get your mouse a clicking and get those bids a coming in

You won't believe all the prim goodness up for auction, in one place and for one bid!  There is over ELEVEN ITEMS!!!!
Not only will you have a special Christmas getting to unwrap all your new treasures, but you will be making someone else's Christmas special as well.

To place your bids
~click here~

Thanks Again & Wishing Everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas!


  1. hi, Traci
    I added this to my post today~ I had to keep editing to add names of donators~ Wow~ it is amazing how many contributed~
    I think we all have been touched with the Reason for the Season to help out our dear friend~
    hugs to all~

  2. What a wonderful community of people there are in our blog following. You are sweet and kind for thinking of this, and the generosity of fellow bloggers is overwhelming.
    Merry Christmas Everyone

  3. Traci, you are just the best! I'm so proud of you and our other talented bloggie friends!

    Big hugs,

  4. Traci.. it is so wonderful that so many donated to help a friend in need..Shows what a great blog community we share together..

    God Bless you for hosting the Silent Auction!

    Christmas Blessings


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