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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway ~ On the Fourth Day of Christmas

,/" ./" my True Love gave to me ./" ./"
./" ./" Four Calling Birds./" ./"
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Okay Ladies.....I think I probably have you in the habit now...
"old hat"   some may say
wake up, brush your teeth, grab a cup of something hot and visit me ;)
get signed-up for the daily drawing

This is day four of twelve separate primitive Christmas Giveaways. This giveaway is for my current friends and followers as a way of saying Thank You for your friendship and support. So get yourself signed up, you have until twelve o'clock midnight to leave your comment on this post to be entered for the Fourth Day of Christmas Drawing.

Today's winner will be posted tomorrow morning along with the Fifth Day of Christmas Sign-Up Post.

If you are a follower and do not have a blog, please leave an email address so I can contact you.

Winner of the
Third Day of Christmas Drawing
Maygan drew the winner this morning and it is

Thanks for signing up for my giveaway, Lecia

As for my show yesterday...all went well (after we got there)

left home about 7:00am, my mountainous road was just fine
got down off the hill, onto the 4 lane highway and BLACK ICE
didn't realize it til I was on it, started to slide, heart pounding a hundred miles an hour
Maygan tearing up "Mom, I'm scared"
shhh, we'll be okay...let off the gas ~DON'T touch the brakes
Yes, it worked.... recovered and under control

Then I notice about 5-6 places in the median where others were not so lucky and went off the road
Thankfully, no accidents~~~~I tell ya, it scared the cr@p out of me

Sold lots more handmades yesterday, met some really nice folks
and heard from one lady "Wow, that snowman is really quite scary"
I had to laugh, it was one of my Extreme Snowmen and I guess
Primitives aren't for Everyone
You either Love'em or ya Hate'm

My Display
went from two tables last show to was really packed full
I had extras in totes to fill in the empty spots as things sold

This big Jolly Good Snowman was adopted

Had a few repeat buyers from my show 2 weeks ago and got signed up for 2012.
Now I can officially unpack, put the displays away
and start decorating at home..
Hopefully I will have some pics to share with next week!

Blessings ~N~ Hugs,


  1. Soooooo glad your black ice experience faired well. so scary...esp. When you have one of your loved ones in the vehicle with you! Glad you are ok!!! Table looked lovely!!! Wish I were closer!!!! :) Sure hope I am lucky on this days drawing!!!!

  2. hi, Traci
    glad you girls made it through the black ice~ scarey stuff~
    Your Booth is Awesome~ giggles~ ugly~ isn't that the truth either you love it or not~ I say they are ugly cute prims~ love the uglies~
    congrats to Lecia~
    enjoy your day~

  3. are right....I got my coffee and sat down to see what interesting stuff you were blogging about today. Glad that your show was a success and I LOVE your display. My last show..we had to incorporate antiques into our set up. Was kind of tricky.

    Congrats to Lecia for being the winner for today.


  4. Hi Traci, I am out of the giveaway as I have already won, but just wanted to say hi and glad you had a safe trip. I have only had 1 experience with black ice and I can say I hope I never do again. Makes one feel so helpless. Love your table. And glad to hear you did well. Funny about the prim being ugly. I get that all the time here as you don't see prims. Have a blessed weekend, relax and have some me time,

  5. Good morning Traci! Sitting here with my coffee, and then after breakfast we are headed to church.

    So glad you made it to the show safely and had a good time!

  6. I love your lattice shelving did you make it? I hate black ice.... Please enter me in todays drawing

  7. I hate driving in bad weather...glad I don't have to now! I love prims...I'm an 'old' follower! Congrats to all of your winners so far! Hugs! ♥

  8. So thankful, you are safe! Happy your show went well! Now take time to catch your breath! Congrats to Lecia!

  9. Yeaaa Lecia!!

    Ohh black ice..that is scarey. So is THAT what you are suppose to do..let off the gas and dont touch the breaks, lol!!! There is nothing worse than driving on ice...nothing! I'm glad you were all ok!

    See you tomorrow! Katie

  10. Traci... I'm so happy to hear that you weren't one of those cars in the ditch.. Prim shows along the road are a real good idea..
    Glad your show went well and now you can actually take a moment to Decorate your place.
    Giggled at the ugly remark... oh so true either people love Prim or they hate it...Many don't understand it ..they should have studied there history lessons a little better...they might know that life didn't always come from WalMart but the hands of the lady of the she made do to decorate her home.

    Holiday Blessings

  11. So glad you made it okay! Nothing worse than driving in that kind of weather. Happy that your show was a success. I Love your Big Jolly Snowman, So cute! Enjoy your day!

  12. A good show is always a plus..but so much work and then to have the black ice incident...:( Glad you made it home safely! Please enter me again for your 4th day of Christmas..Hope I have some luck one of these times.

  13. Good Morning Traci, so good to hear that your show was a sucess,everything looked awesome! Happy to hear that you and Megan made it home safely, that black ice can be so horriable...I found out the hard way on Friday nite(and I wasn't even driving lol) Came out of the Resturant we were having dinner at and hit a patch of that wonderful ice in the parking lot.... "DOWN" I went!! needless to say...I have a torn muscule in my groin, and a few wonderful stitches in the back of my head "OUCH"!!! Congrats off to Lecia...whohoooo gal!

  14. Traci, glad you are ok and safe at home now.
    Black ice is so scary, you can't see it until you hit it. Wow, been there, done that. I know not everyone is into prim, but people need to keep their comments to themselves and just walk on. I myself love prim and all kinds of hand made goods. I am a follower and would love a chance to win. I will post on my sidebar.
    Country at heart

  15. Glad you are ok.I don't drive when there is ice on the road to many close calls.I guess this year I'll have to be brave with taking dad to appointments.Good to hear the show went well.Hugs!~Amy

  16. Happy Sunday Traci!! Whew! Glad you and Maygan made it to the show ok - and back....I hate, hate, winter driving....but I'll take snow any time over that wicked black ice you can't see....We had a good dumping of snow here yesterday - and it's coming down again, and of course, a nasty layer of ice first. Hoping things are cleared up for when I have to take my son to p/t tomorrow....Congratulations to Lecia!!! Too funny about that lady's comment....I love me my uglies.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. Congratulations to Lecia! So glad you had a good sale Traci and you must be glad it is all over with for the year so you can now relax. Thank goodness you made it safely, black ice is so terrifying! LOL about the extreme prim snowman, I don't even bother to display ANYthing even slightly grunged up at our local craft shows, all I hear is "why is it so dirty?!" Ah well, to each their own. Thanks again for the opportunity to sign up for your wonderful giveaway and happy 4th day of Christmas to you and yours! Deb

  18. Glad your both safe at home.. The only thing I dislike about winter is having to drive in it!!
    Blessings, Tina

  19. Hi Traci - glad you are safe - I spun my car once on black ice - very scary indeed! Have a lovely day - see you tomorrow!

  20. Congrats Lecia! You really do have to be careful this time of the year on the roads. Between frozen roads and deer jumping out~ It's pretty dangerous. So glad you had the skills to recover from the black ice. Congrats on the success of your show~ I'm sure your glad it's over and you can relax.
    Happy Holidays!

  21. Would love to win. Thanks,

  22. Hi Trace, I am so excited to be todays winner! I know I love anything you touch. So thankful that you were alright concerning the black ice. Love your big snowman. Sure wish I could have attended your craft show. I love your things. I am not entering your giveaway today, I want to give others a chance. Thank you for having such an awesome giveaway. Hugs, Lecia

  23. Hi Traci,
    So glad you had a good day at the show,and congrats to Lecia on winning! Bet you were terrified on that black is terrifying. Thanks again for the chance in your giveaway.

  24. Congrats to Lecia.

    Glad to hear your safe and sound from the "black ice" incident.

    Congrats on a sucessful craft show.

    Enter me in Day #4!!!


  25. Me me me..please pick me!!!
    SO glad you and your girl made it safely and had success!!
    Congrats to Lecia!
    HUGS Trace

  26. Congratulations to Lecia! Glad you made it safely to your show. I hate driving on icy roads.Looks like you had some really nice things at your show, there are tons of people around here that don't get "scarey" snowmen either! lol.
    Have a great evening!
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  27. Your booth looks like it was full of wonderful things.... I'm not surprised you had a successful show! Glad you got home safely with that black ice on the roads.... that is definitely scary stuff.
    Congrats to Lecia -- and please throw me in the hat again for Day 4!!

  28. Love your display. Just beautiful. Congrats to the lucky winner of day 3. And thanks for yet another wonderful chance
    Hugs, Rosalee

  29. My goodness, I've had a few black ice scares too. Isn't it amazing how fast your heart can beat when you get the bejeebers scared out of you? So glad you knew how to recover quickly and didn't have any issues.

    Please enter me into the next giveaway...


    P.S. I love love love that big snowman!

  30. Wow, Traci, that is scary, being on black ice, good thing you kept your cool and knew how to handle it! Scary snowman?

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  31. Hi Traci~

    Glad you kept your calm with that black ice. So nice to hear you made it to the show safely. Knew you would have a good show~your handmades are wonderful. Did some decorating yesterday~stayed off the computer. Playing catch up again. Hehe~that's me.

    Congrats to Lecia~she's a sweetie!! Thanks for hosting.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky


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