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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Another Christmas tucked into the Memory Book! know what?

I'm tired of boxes, packaging, tape, little rubber bands and those
tiny plastic things that secure everything into those boxes & packages!

I do believe we have everything UN-packaged now....grrrrrr...
you need knives, screwdrivers, scissors,  and lots of patience to get a toy
out of a box these days.

Even Spencer was having a hard time

Everyone at the homestead had a nice, quiet, relaxing Christmas though..
yesterday was the day to clean-up and organize.

One more Christmas party to go, but not until New Year's Day.  That's when my family will gather here
for good eats and the gift of gab.  Presents just for the young ones (which will include more boxes, eeeeK)

Christmas Eve morning we had a beautiful sunrise so I ventured out with the camera

Casting Shadows
Sun through the Pines

Icy.......Burning Bush Berries

Also took the trio of pictures I used for my new header....the sky was so blue

We are off to town to refill the pantry today


  1. LOL same thing here. Toys are impossible to open without a tool bag handy. Our living room is littered with plastic and cardboard waiting for recycling day on Saturday. I will have to deal with it till then. I wish I could just poof it all away!

    Such beautiful photos! Love the sun coming up in the morning with snow everywhere. :)

    Have an awesome day Traci!

  2. I'm with you Grrr.I did get my nephews all untwisted and batteries in before I gave it to him.What kid has the patience to you had a nice Christmas! Pretty Pics.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas, and still activities to look forward to. Love the picutres. What a beautiful sunrise. And you had ice and snow. Pefect for a Christmas Morning. We had lots and lots of rain! Have a great week

  4. Love your photos and your new header picture. So Beautiful! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! Spencer is adorable!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. LOL..I have to agree you need tools to open packages now days.. We even bring a knife to the Tree when we all start opening gifts just so we can get into them...
    I'm an odd one... I actually love wrapping gifts..its a time for me to personally think of the person the gift is going to...I enjoy that moment with special memories of that person...

    I love your pictures they're beautiful!! That tiny bit of twinkle of Sun on the ice makes it so pretty and wards off the chill...

    Hope pantry shopping wasn't as crowded as the bargain shopper stores..

    Have a wonderful week!!

    Hugs & Blessings

  6. I love your photos, so beautiful! Poor Spencer, we all need instruction manuals on "how to open"!
    Hope you have another great time coming up! Have a great day!

  7. Lovely new header photos, Traci. We didn't get any snow that they called for. Oh, well. We'll be getting plenty soon enough. Have a great time at the next family party.

  8. Traci, I need a week long nap to recover!!!! OLM

  9. What fantastic wintery morning pictures. I love the icy berries. Thanks for sharing. Glad Christmas is over too. Now if the house would just pick itself up. -Steph-

  10. Hi Traci, Love the pics. We didn't have a hint of snow down here!!!! It was a cool day!!! Good thing the sun was out!!! Didn't get the cookies made, ran out of time. They sound good and I will make them...some day!!

  11. Beautiful pics, Traci! Wish we had a little dusting of snow in these parts so that we could have had a white Christmas, but no such luck here.....

    Lots of fantastic things coming in the mail for me from those extremely generous gals who donated items for the cause.... Just amazing stuff!!

  12. Love your new blog header, Traci! Very pretty!


  13. Hi Traci~

    Love the pics. Spencer is adorable.

    Have a good night~Becky

  14. OMG! those pics are so gorgeous!!

  15. Just beautiful Friend!
    More Snow?
    Woolie Stitches

  16. Beautiful Christmas morning you captured through your lens Traci...I especially love the burning bush one with the little birdhouse in the background....would make for an awesome card. And isn't that packaging something? Glad our "little one" is beyond the toy stage and carries a pocket knife. I've always said - if they only made the product half as well as the packaging and price tag stickers, we'd all be good to go. Glad you had a good holiday - and it is always nice to have another celebration to look forward to - makes it truly a "season" rather than just a day. I'm still listening to Christmas music - and loving it....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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