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Friday, November 18, 2011

A new piece in the Dining Room

Over the summer I aquired this antique oak hanging writing desk.  It was given to me by a friend....and has
been waiting for it's home in my home.

Yesterday, I finally figured out where I wanted it and went to work.

I had this in the corner
It's now sitting out on the porch with no home

I also put the leaf in the table for the
big Thanksgiving Dinner

And now I have a question??????

Has anyone ever painted beadboard walls?
I am not a big fan of this blue and would like a more "Olde N Aged" look on the walls. 
But, I just haven't found "the look" I want.. need your input

so, what color, what technique
leave it and save myself the work, LOL?

Going to finish rounding up some final things today...eeeekk, I can't find the legs for my lattice display

Have a Fantastic Friday and Wonderful Weekend!

I'll be back with pictures of the show next week.



  1. Your new piece looks great Traci. It is so unique.

    As for your beadboard, if you can live with the color, I would just rough it up a bit and wipe a stain over it. Instant aging. I am a black and mustard paint person myself. These colors would look great in your room if you decide to paint. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.


  2. love the new Desk it looks amazing girl!!!! I agree with the black and mustard colors!!!!

  3. WOW Traci...waht an awesomely dramatic change the desk made in the corner it is beautiful hanging there. It changes the whole look of the room...
    I've painted the breadboard walls before and there eally isn't much you need to do other then first cover it with kiltz and them paint it. Being wood walls with lines in it you would want to choose a soft warm color if you choose to change it up. Lines seem to intensify brighter colors. Plus you have to make sure you get all of the lines filled with color so your older colors or kiltz doesn't show threw. Which isn't hard just time consumming as you have to use a brush on each line.
    With that said If you can live witht he blue but want to soften it up and make it look a bit more time worn...I to suggest that you simply give it a good heavy sanding/distressing making sure you sand with the grain of the wood so as not to make it look scratched. So up and down only. preferably with your hands not a sander as they leave marks. Then once you have heavily sanded it then cover it with Old English Dark Scratch cover. Wipe it on let it dry then and then polish..You will have beautifully aged walls that will have a softer prim look to them.

    Good luck what ever you decide to do..

    Have a great weekend!!


  4. Oh I just love your new piece! So pretty!

    I have never painted beadboard... but I like them as they are is that matters???

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. I love your desk, a very unusual piece! Me? I like the blue, but maybe just toned down like mentioned by Tonya! What ever you chose will turn out great, you do fantastic work!

  6. WOW!!
    Love your desk!!
    Such an amazing piece.

    Ive never painted beadboard. But Im sure it can be done. I say go for it, if you are wanting a change. Let us know what you decide. :)


  7. Love the desk! I agree with the other gals, I would distress the blue a little and then wipe on some stain. It would give it the perfect aged look, but I'm a huge blue fan.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. That desk looks awesome there! You can paint the bead board, probably without primer, since it is already painted. Or is that a stain? We put siding on a wall and I primed and painted it.....Shhhh, it is part of the kitchen make over, which I am supposed to be working on, right now! Use a big fluffy roller, it will help to fill in the grooves, so you won't have to use a brush, so much....On that note, I need to get to work....Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures of your craft show.


  9. Love love love the desk!
    I have painted beadboard. I painted mine creamy tan color in my house. Loved it. And as others have mentioned wipe a stain over for antique effect. I like blue too.
    Hugs Trace

  10. That desk is some kind of seriously it - and looks perfect there. Hmmmm...While I like blue, I think I would find it a bit limiting. Personally, I'd opt for a warm of-white/taupe-type color with aging/distressing. But haven't a clue how'd you go about doing it! Best of luck on that - and the show! Hope you're having a great Friday (and find the legs you're looking for???) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I just love your deck, it is awesome!! Hugs, Lecia

  12. I was in the antiques business for years and never saw a hanging writing desk like that! So unusual; you're a lucky girl!


  13. Hi Traci: Again I want to Thank you for the header. Can't wait to use it! Maybe stain over the blue with minwax stain? I put beadboard in Americana stain color on my ceiling of my porch...a few coats of stain might show a hint of the blue, which would be really nice...I love blue and brown together anyway...whatever you choose will turn out great...patti :)

  14. Oh your hanging desk...look fabulous! lucky girl!

  15. Oh, your blue wall were the fist thing I noticed and thought they looked great. I love the hanging desk. It actually looks great up against that color. -Steph-

  16. Hi Traci~

    Love your new desk!! Simply fabulous!!

    I have beadboard in my kitchen & just painted over it. It takes a little longer to paint than a regular wall, but it can be done. I painted mine white & then rubbed stain on it. Love how it turned out.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do~Becky


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