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Friday, September 9, 2011

Just another my house anyway

Hope this finds everyone doing well!

For all those in the midst of the horrible flooding, my prayers are with you.
Our neighbors to the east will have some additional help arriving today,
makes me proud to say that one of our local volunteer fire dept.'s
Water Rescue Team will be aiding flooded communities in eastern PA.

As reported in the Warren Newspaper
"Flooding throughout the Susquehanna River basin in eastern Pennsylvania has sent the Glade VFD Water Rescue Team into action.
Terry Carlson, chief of Glade Volunteer Fire Department, was informed that the team had been placed on standby Wednesday afternoon by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and then received a request for response and deployment at 11:45 Thursday morning.

Carlson said that PEMA expects the team to be on the road "in approximately four hours" and they prepared to leave at 4 p.m. Thursday. The Lake City Fire Department team, from just outside of Girard in Erie County, was traveling with the Glade VFD team.

Carlson explained that PEMA did not give the teams explicit orders. Originally, they were told to head to Harrisburg, but he received new guidelines and was told to drive on Interstate 80 and to call for further direction when they entered Sullivan County on Thursday evening.

Six members of Glade VFD will be going on the department's first deployment to the eastern side of the state including "three swiftwater techs and three operations people," according to Carlson. He said that they have responded to calls regionally but have never been called this far away.

Along with the six members, they will be taking their new technical rescue trailer, a 16-foot inflatable craft, as well as a regional counter-terrorism Chevrolet Suburban that has command post capabilities. Carlson expects the deployment will last no more than three days, but he has yet to receive a specific timetable from PEMA"


I'm off to the sewing room for the day.  I have a bunch of naked dollies laying around and they keep telling me they would like some clothes, pleeaasseeee, LOL

Picking fabric for their dresses has got to be one of the hardest parts for me, don't ask me why...(yea, I'm wierd)
can never decide if this doll would look best in this color or maybe this color..
usually have my fabric drawers all disheveled

Have a Great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend...


  1. Hi Traci, one part of the country floods and another part burns and needs rain. Too bad we can't just move that water. My heart goes out to those and how wonderful that so many volunteers are ready to help.
    I have the same problem with doll dresses, can never make up my mind so they stay naked forever!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. Hi Traci: It's so sad with all these natural disasters...Hope you are safe. Have fun in your craft room today. I hear ya...its such a project to pick out just the right fabrics for dresses, pantaloons etc...but I love having all the choices...I'm a fabric hoarder too! ps check your email...
    patti :)

  3. The weather all over the world just seems to be turning on its head!!

    I hope you managed to get them dollies of yours all dressed, they will be catching colds what with the Autumn nights drawing in, LOL

    I have the same problem as you when it comes to choosing fabrics to make dresses, I can never quite decide who will look good in what, to the point where I often make a dress, don't like it when it's on the doll and then make another, more often in the fabric that I first thought would look good!!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Traci
    Scarey flooding~ my prayers for all~
    Get them dolls dressed, I hear them screaming we need clothing~ giggles~
    enjoy the day

  5. all that flooding is so scary... I hope these places get a break from the flood waters soon. I hope you get all those dolls dressed.... I find when I make dolls, I am very particular in the dress color too...Must be something about us girls and our dollies..LOL

  6. My heart goes out to those who are affected by these disasters.
    And your dollies...time to get all dolled up...the holidays are a comin'!

  7. God bless our firefighter & rescue teams! Let's see, what do those fancy ladies say... if you have a cool skin tone dress in jewel-tones, if you have a warm skin tone dress in earth-tones! I myself wear a lot of black! Have a great weekend Traci!

  8. I cannot imagine what these flood victims must be going thru. My prayers go out to all of them and I pray for safety for the volunteers and may they receive an extra blessings for the unselfishness they are showing to others. It would be hard leaving their familys to go out and help others especially in those conditions.

    Enjoy your dressmaking Traci. Get those girls covered up would ya! lol!

    Hugs, AMY

  9. Well, as long as YOUR drawers are not disheveled!! ;o) What fun to be playing in your fabrics and dressing dollies....Perfect way to spend a rainy day....

    Still praying for relief and safety in your area - and others being ravaged. What a strange and frightful year this has been.

    Take good care - Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  10. That's awesome they're helping out. We sure have had extreme weather all over the world this year.
    Can't wait to see those naked dollies with their duds on ;-)


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