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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's the Simple Things

Is it not the simplest things in life that make life worth living?

I say yes!  I'm just a simple girl, living in a complicated world.

I took some time away from the usual and made myself this little
White Pumpkin hooked mat.
It's nothing special and I am by far a "novice" at rug hooking
but it was nice to do something different.

My Tuesday spent in the woodshop was dedicated to re-do's.
I have such a stockpile of thrift items that need attention

Transformed these "new looking" wood bowls

into primitive looking wood bowls
my collection is growing!

Maygan was so excited, once again over a Simple Thing
while foraging on Tues. evening
I found these Monarch Butterfly caterpillars on some milkweed
We are keeping two, replenished daily with milkweed in a
make-do hatchery in hopes that they will spin their chrysalis
and metamorphize into beautiful butterflies in a few weeks.

You would have thought I had brought home a $300.00 toy for her.
but no, she's a simple girl too....

One last transformation
the apples I got at the festival on Sunday
made into the tasty but simple

Apple Pie

wanna piece?

Today I must venture out into the real world...
it's cold, it's rainy
not a nice day for errands, but they must be done

Keep is Simple,


  1. Traci your hooked rug is perfect and I'm very impressed with it! You did a wonderful job on it girl!

    What a delicious looking pie you made. I can almost smell it. We are having our Hometown Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival this weekend. The sell everything from apple pies to apple ice cream. Mmmmmm!

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Good Morning Traci~

    Love your little hooked mat!! I would love a piece of your lovely pie with some ice cream.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  3. Love that pumpkin mat ~ fun to do a project outside the norm. And Yes, I will take a piece of that yummy pie (since ya' offered) :)

  4. Guess we all want a piece of that pie! Looks delicious! The mat is wonderful, you did a great job with it, and with your bowls. Hope you're really getting to enjoy the fall season!

  5. Apple Daze is this coming weekend for us and I am sure hubby will buy one of the pies at the auction. They auction off all the pies that are entered into the competition.
    Love your bowls and your crop of Annie! Mine reseeds into an enamelware wash basin on our patio! Gotta love it and it is just enough for me.
    I really love your white pumpkin mat--very nice.
    Thanks for your kind words re: Clifford.
    Warmest autumn blessings,

  6. Hi, Traci
    Pretty hooking~love the white pumpkin~
    Well, the caterpillar is something~ so different~ hope Maygan can keep it going~ oh, that would be so exciting!!!!
    Wonderful job on them bowls~
    And Yes, I will take a piece of Apple pie~with a scoop of chocolate ice cream~ yummy!

  7. Oh how you tempt and tease Girlfriend!! Naughty! Your little pumpkin mat is adorable!! Can't tell you're a novice....your loops are so nice and even....great job!! Bowls are looking awesome too! Glad to hear Maygan is "well-rooted." What a sweetie she is! Happy day to the both of you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Well I guess by now all the pie is gone.(teehee) but I will visit with ya anyway. Sure did look good . Love the pumpkin mat. I have hooking on my list to learn to do. Just looks hard to me. Love the bowls. Hope you have a great day.

  9. Love your little hooked mat. Looks great. Me too, I want a piece, hope you cut the pieces small so we all get a piece. lol. Boy, would love to see a caterpiller become a butterfly!!!
    Have a great weekend.


  10. Fab job on the hooked pumpkin Traci...just love it...what kind of frame do you use when hooking? I need to find those wirey, sticky pieces to go on a wooden frame...don't wanna pay $70 for a ready made one! Love apple pie! I'll be making apple crisp this weekend...yummy!

  11. I think your bowls look wonderful. Great colors and aged to perfection. I think your little girl has it figured out. Hope you get to see them emerge from their chrysalis. I did that once with the boys when they were little. I didn't know the chrysalis shook so violently just before they emerged. Very cool. ~Roberta

  12. I love your rug and your apple pie looks awesome!
    Thanks for sharing...

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  13. Hi prim friend! Love, love, love the white pumpkin hooked are quite the talented prim gal!! And the pie......yummy!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!


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