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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Cyber Scavenger Hunt Idea

So, I have another brilliant idea........I think, LOL...

Tell me what you think, please

Thinking about hosting a Fall Cyber Scavenger Hunt.  This is how it will work, again, I think!

Sign-ups will take place a couple days before the event, the hunt will then take place on a specific day, starting at a specific time.  Participants will have a certain amount of time, say one hour to hunt.

I will post a list of Fall Items for you to hunt, on the day of the hunt at the starting time.
Of course, they will be primitive in nature and item specific..........
(like a pumpkin with witch hat for example)
it can not be a clipart or graphic image, must be a picture of the actual thing

The object is to find them all somewhere on the internet ie. blogs, websites, etc.
In a blog post on your blog, you will paste the url link to the items you have found....this must be published by the cut off time.

I will do a blog post of all participants with a link to their blog (in advance) so everyone can see what and where you found it!

I will then visit all those participating blogs to see who found the most and send the winner a prize

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome...

Things I need to know
-what day of the week would work best for the majority?
-are you interested in playing?
-what time of day ie morning, afternoon, evening?
Have a Blessed and Happy Day,

P.S.  Will probably wait until the end of Sept. or beginning of Oct. to host this


  1. evening for me...thurs, friday or sunday.
    sounds like fun!

  2. hi, Traci~ I finally made it~ Whee~ I am behind~ giggles~ but I am enjoying life!!!
    Scavenger hunt sounds like fun~ but with all going on I reckon I better sit it out~ but I will be watching!!!
    hugs to you~

  3. I'm a morning person.Mon Tues Weds works for me but I'd try to get in anytime you chose.Sounds Fun!~Amy

  4. This sounds like all kinds of fun, but will definitely depend on the day chosen - sometimes I have to be gone to appts w/ my mother, etc. and those can be all-day affairs....with no computer access....I'll be bummed if I can't join in!! :o And, me - not so much a morning person!! Afternoons, evenings and LATE nights work best! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. It does sound like fun! I'm never good at being consistent with times and days, but that is just me. As long as it doesn't happen in the middle of the night while I'm asleep, then anytime is good for me. Mon-Thurs are good days. Fri, Sat, Sun are too busy and I know I would forget to check in.

    Blessings, Jessica


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