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Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Deserter?

I feel like I am a blog deserter...  
Don't post, don't read posts
shame on summer time

A little bit of what's been happening in these parts

The lastest addition to my shanty

Maygan & I made this sign a week or so ago
and we made this too, using up scrap wood from the shed

My potting bench got oiled....FINALLY

The kitchen garden is growing with lots of help (and not from Mother Nature)
she is slacking on her watering duties this year

tomatoes are starting

lots of cuke blossoms

Just this morning we had a big flock of turkey come through the yard of the camp next door
many hens and babies.....then all of a sudden into the picture comes a Fisher
above photo was not taken by me

Hubby and I had seen one about 3 weeks ago walk right up the tree line by my garden, now I'm starting to think it has taken up residence in the back woods.  Anyway, this morning it was after the turkey!!  I made hubby run in the house, grab the gun and fire off a shot to scare it away.  Let's hope it went far away.

Seems like I should have lots more to share, been busy as all get out, just not sure how much has been accomplished.  I love summertime but it seems to be so busy and is gone in a flash.

Wishing you all the very best!


  1. Your garden looks great! If a Fisher came into my yard I wouldn't be sticking around to take a picture of it. Enjoy your summer.

  2. I really love your shanty! ALL your new garden pretties are gorgeous!
    Dummy me...I've never heard of a Fisher. I'm gonna have to google that bugger. They look pretty mean!
    Yummy garden!!

  3. Yes summer seems to just be gone in a blink.I think most of us have been neglecting our blogs.So busy.What happened to Lazy Summer Days? Your shanty is just wonderful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Love your cute garden shed and how you hae put goodies around it.
    Don't you just love fresh veggies from your garden! I have been picking cucumbers out of mine. Taste so much better when fresh.
    Enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Just enjoy your posts whenever you get the time!
    Hope you have a great summer, love all you have done!

  6. Happy Summertime Friend
    You have been missed.
    Love your shanty and sign. Prim perfect.
    Counting the days till we see ragdolls. :)
    Your Ragdoll Friend

  7. Good to hear from you Traci Girl - we've missed ya. The shantystead is looking mighty fine indeed....I see you found some tin for your roof. :o) Your garden looks like it is thriving despite Mother Nature's lack of cooperation. I, too, am getting weary of hauling water - and if I'm gone a day w/ my mom's or son's things, everything tries to shrivel up and die on me. Missed your last post - tell Maygan congrats on her new bunny - Midnight looks precious. Hope that fisher stays away from him - those are some nasty mean critters! Stay cool and water on.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Nice to see you so busy with the fun stuff!! Summer is busy isn't it? Your garden looks great. We have had no rain all summer so I am watering myself too. I like your shanty signs. Good job. My DH family keeps a gun next to the back door and all of a sundden during dinner once in a while they all yell "go get the gun, go shoot it". Then 3 or 4 of them hop up and run to the sliding window to "get it" whatever it may be. I am sitting there, after it's all done, wondering what it is they are all in an uproar about:) Ha ha. Have a great week. -Steph-

  9. Your shanty and garden look wonderful! With all those trees I would be outside more and not inside on the computer. (We have no trees here and it's in the 100's lately~ yuck.)

  10. Oh Tracy, you go right ahead and enjoy your time with daughter and nature. That's so cool that you two are making things together.
    That's a fierce looking Fisher. I'll have to study up on those little buggers. We have wild turkeys too. Have a safe and fun Fourth of July luv!

  11. Hi, Traci~
    You gals are having fun~ great pics of your visitors & love the shanty~
    Happy 4th


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