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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pickin' & Grinnin'

Maygan's the one...grinnin'
well, I must say that I have a smile on my face too

We went pickin' this morning, looking for treasures never expecting
to come toting home a Mini Rex.  Maygan has wanted a bunny forever so this was her pick of the morning at one of the sales.  She's in Bunny Love!

these are my picks of the day

and while we are talking about picking...I was serenaded last evening by the lovely sound of my
DH picking his guitar on the porch while I worked in the shade to my ears

School has been out for a week today, where does time go
Tuesday night we went on an overnight camping trip with Maygan's Girl Scout troop

Here, some of the girls are getting ready to tie dye shirts and pillow cases.  Maygan is wearing the shirt she made in the bunny photo today. 

What a great group of girls to take camping! 
oh and one honorary Girl Scout...Jay :)

On our way home from the cabin we stopped by Wildwoods Animal Park to take a tour and the troop made a donation to the animals with money they raised from their cookie sales.

Here are John & Pam with their newest addition to the park
a 10 week old cougar

The park holds an annual Native American Festival in the fall, I believe it's Labor Day Weekend.
My DH used to work with both John & Pam and has been friends with them for years.

In other news...  I am still doing work little by little to my Shanty, Maygan & I made a couple of cement Bee Skeps last weekend.  Been working on orders and am hoping to have a large handmade Facebook Update in a week or two.  I have about 42 handmades on my to do list of prims I want to make.  Haha, who am I's summertime and I don't like to be inside this time of year :)

I will say so long for now..Maygan says it's time to check on Midnight (the bunny:)


  1. Traci~ Great finds~ my fav is the adorable Midnight~ you girls have fun with him~

  2. Oh my goodness I can see why Maygan is grinning, what a cute little rabbit! I love the name too!
    Mom's picks are pretty good also but the best has to be your hubby picking on his guitar for you!
    Have a great weekend!
    Be blessed,

  3. The image of The Andy Griffith Show flashed in my mind when I read about your DH picking while you gardened.... sounds like such a wonderful, simple, perfect summer evening to me!
    Midnight is so cute... can understand Maygan's happiness having that little friend around to love....
    Love your picks, too.... especially that cute little trike... what do you have planned for it?
    Enjoy your weekend.... the weather here is supposed to be just lovely, and I hope it is there, too!!

  4. Maygan and Midnite are adorable.She found the perfect treasure.I remember girl scout camp so fun.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Aww, a bunny and a serenade. Those are so sweet. I love to hear guitar. I remember making the tie dyed t-shirts. Maygan did good ;)

  6. Your new addition to the family is so cute. I remember scouting days, my son was in Boy Scouts and it was a lot of fun, I miss those days. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Great finds Traci!! Love the bunny & Maygan's happy grin!!


  8. Hi Traci..sounds like you have been busy starting off summer break. Oh how I remember the Girl Scout Camping Trips. Was a leader for 10 years. Had a Great Bunch of girls & lots of fun memories!
    Love Midnight...Maygan's grin tells it all..
    How cool that hubby did some picking for you while you worked your garden...Luv it!

    Luv your shanty and the fence way cool!

    Dont think your alone when it comes to wanting to be outside not inside creating.. I'm the same way!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. The most wonderful thing is to spend time with your daughter:) It looks like you had fun. What a cute bunny. My kids keep asking, I keep on sayin "no". -Steph-


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