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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank You All...more Shanty/Shed pics

Thank all so kindly for visiting my last post and all the wonderful comments!!
Today's addition to the build site is anther Wattle Fence
...planted the fence line with ferns

Yesterday I installed the shelf on the north side

Laid the stones and decorated today
...hoping to get moss to grow between the rocks & am planning a lean-to roof over the rock area, just need to find some rusty tin roofing

These are the little babies in my garden birdhouse, they are house wrens
they keep me constant company with their little peeps as I'm working :)



  1. HI, Traci
    I am headed over to sit on that chair & take it all in~ just so prim perfect~ outstanding creating beauty~
    Cute little wrens~ awe~
    have a great day~

  2. oh I am loving this area you have looks wonderful.;) come do one for me;)

  3. Lovin' this look! You are doing a wonderful job!

  4. Just when i thought it couldn't possibly get any better than it is... Oh my goodness it does!!!!!! *SUPER DUPER FANTASTIC JOB!!!..I am so jealous of your creative talent,strength with power tools and country garden expertise! {{BIG HUGS}}

  5. Ahh, how sweet. Looks like a nice place to work in, especially with the baby wrens serenading you. We're planning on building one of those waddle fences as hubby did plant some sunflowers seeds in front of his out building.

  6. Love what you have done!! And the lean-to roof will be a perfect addition. You are pretty amazing, Traci!
    Those little wrens are the cutest things.... waiting for their meal... just like 'kids' everywhere.... always hungry!!

  7. Oh,I love the wattle fence Traci. What a great idea! What do they say for moss...shade, sour buttermilk & beer, I believe. Good luck! ~*~Lisa

  8. What a great place, I love it!
    Be blessed

  9. What an awesome place to just sit and dream ~ you did a wonderful job.
    Love the pic of those little ones! So Cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  10. You are building such an heritage for your children and thier children with your wonderful homestead. It will be such a magical place for them in the future if you stay for the rest of your lives.
    Keep going the way you are and you will be able to charge people to come and see your grounds:) Your fences remind me of Tasha Tudor. It's lovely. I can just imagine the moss between your rocks. You are such in inspiration. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. Now, go feed thoses babies. They look like they are starving:) -Steph-

  11. I LOVE IT!!!! It is just perfect!! The lean to sounds so cool! Oh how I wish my backyard was a tad bigger to do this! I just love it! TFS!!!!!

  12. Strange - but this looks very much like a place I always had in my head growing up....what I wouldn't have given then - and now - to have a place like this. Love the newest "improvements" to the shantystead!! - especially that wattle fence!! Keep creating your dreams and sharing them with us! Happy weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Traci what a perfect outdoors space....It's so cozy and inviting. :0)

  14. Zakham khate rahe kisi ko bata na sake, play bazaar satta king Chahton ke hadh tak chaha use Sirf, apna dil nikal kar


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