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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Bye Allis

Allis's final ride...the ending of an era

How is it that one can become attached to iron & rust?

Last Friday, Allis took her final journey, taking with her a piece of my rusty heart.
This old broken down tractor was a big part of my life growing up, even with her seized up engine and rusted rims...she was still a beauty in my eyes.

You see, when I was a little girl, Dad & I made many a trips to the fields on this tractor.  Whether it be to spread manure or mow the hay.  Dad would be in the seat, me perched right beside him (my butt was a lot smaller then and I could fit between the fender and the seat)

We would stop on the way home in the early spring to dig leeks, wash them in the stream and eat'em on the way home.  Once, while hitching a ride in the front bucket I was accidentally dumped out, luckily I didn't get ran over & no broken bones :)  

This is the first tractor I learned to had to have skills in shifting down as I can't remember Dad ever having a tractor with working brakes.  Even way back then, your hands would be blackened from the steering wheel after your drive.  Mine looked just that way last Friday while helping to steer her onto the flatbed truck.

Allis sat "at home" for years after Dad passed away with no attention.  It came to live on the mountain years ago with hopes that we could "fix her".  Too many years of neglect had proven fatal for Allis.

So, Allis sat longer, waiting for the day I was ready to let her go let her go I did...
My Tribute to Allis
and the love a little girl at heart has for her Daddy


  1. Such a touching story, Traci.... I understand the attachment to 'things' from the past... especially when they come with memories of someone you loved so much. So I can imagine how hard it was to let go of ole Allis!! But at least the memories will live on -- love the stories of you and your dad tending the fields, and stopping for leeks! Wonderful childhood memories!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Hey Traci Friend
    What a great post.It must of been so very hard to let go of ole Allis. But what wonderful treasured memories of you and your dad you have.
    Husg to you

  3. What wonderful memories and I know it had to be
    hard to let her go! What would life be without all
    those wonderful memories?

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. I needed a good cry this morning. It's so hard to let go and say goodby to the past, to our childhood, to our loved ones. Those memories make us who we are. I am so happy you had good memories of your childhood and father. Thanks for sharing today. -Steph-

  5. loved the story..couldn't she have become a great piece of sculpture for your yard..maybe a planter of is such a neat piece...

  6. Traci, what a beautiful sorry you had to part with Allis, but you will always have those memories and those you will never have to part with :)

  7. Awww, that is such a touching story! Bummer she had to go. If would be cool if you had the space to create a flower garden around it, but I totally understand! Hugs to you sweetie!

  8. Oh goodnes, my Dad had (and still has) his Allis Chalmer. I used to sit between the seat and the fender on that thing too! So sorry that the tractor is gone. Luckily, the wonderful memories you have of being on it with your Dad are still there. =)

  9. Aww, that's a sweet memory of time with your daddy to cherish forever. Reminded me of my time on the farm. Yes, you had to be strong to drive those old tractors and brave to do it without brakes. I hope you have photos to look back on. Thanks for sharing with :o) Hugs~Carol

  10. Such heartfelt memories~ so hard to let go of these old worn out things that are dear to our hearts~
    Girl you made my heart flutter~thanks for sharing

  11. Beautiful tribute Traci....I remember our old tractor as well (although she was not the looker your Allis was) - and my many rides with dad between the seat and the fender....No leeks for us, but we found plenty of berries...and sometimes fish eggs in the creek for my mum. (Yuk, I know....) Gee, I didn't know tractors even came with brakes. ;o) Thanks for sharing Allis's farewell with us....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Jo kal tha wohi pyar aaj karte, play bazaar satta king Hume gum nahi unki bewfai ka, Bas Armaan tha ki hum bhi apne pyar pe naaz karte


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