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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Olde Stuff

Just look at this pile of old stuff I was lucky enough to aquire just yesterday!

One estate sale, one yard sale and one thrift shop later
the back of the Trailblazer was packed
there is something about old wood...any kind of old wood that makes my heart skip a beat.  
Boxes, crates, tables, chairs
I ♥ all of 'em

super old headboard and footboard
not sure what it will become but I'm thinking on it

And please, pull up a seat...this is where my "new" table and chairs took up residence

more pictures of my morning coffee spot, just this morning while on my way to have a seat
there was a pretty doe in the back woods
I scared her and she scared me, LOL 

my final find of yesterday was this super old, super long bench

I had to steal hubby's truck from work to pick it up

Have a Great Day...and weekend for that matter, my friends!
Blessings, Traci


  1. Hi Traci! Your pictures made MY heart skip a beat! These are the things I love also - the colors of the table & chairs are perfect together and the woods in the background...oh I would live out there! Could you plan the headboard to use as a base for a climbing vine? TGIF ~*~Lisa

  2. Morning Traci! You sure hit the motherload. I love wood too. I think that the table and chairs are so beautiful in your special spot. Your bench is great in the garden too. A perfect spot to sit and watch it grow:) Oh, the possibilities are endless with the head and foot boards. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Have a great weekend. -Steph-

  3. Wow, Traci! You surely did get some GREAT stuff on your outing!! LOVE the table/chairs.... and the bench is terrific. I love old crates, too.... you can always find a use for them. Enjoy it all..... and have a great weekend!

  4. What a great haul! I love the table.

  5. Wow, they really look awesome sitting there by your shed. That's great you rescued them :)

  6. OK I saw the head and foot board and can't help but thinking...bench. Can't see what you create. Love everything you got, nice haul. You have a great weekend too Traci,
    Be blessed,

  7. I love the bench. I'm debating a bench in my diningroom. BUT first...I'd have to find a place for some chairs!!! Katie

  8. Wow Traci I envy your sweet and special coffee break area!! Super cool!! Thanks for sahring your goodies they are great!! XO Fran.

  9. Wow...Great finds! I love your little coffee spot! Enjoy the fall out there!


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