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Monday, August 15, 2011

Honey, I'm Home

Just a little recap of our Fair Week
lots to do, lots to see

~Tuesday Night Concert~
Barefoot Blue Jean Jake
Put on one heck of a show!

after the show

Maygan took a 1st on her stitchery

her dressed up "guitar" cucumber - 4th place
she also took a 5th on a painting she did
hubby got a 3rd place on his Native American Flute entry

I didn't enter anything this year...too busy

Midway Fun

A friendly family game at the Bingo Tent

Horse Shows everyday
my cousin Tim in the ring

Seneca Indian Dancers

Friday Nights Truck & Tractor Pull

Moon Lit Nights

bittersweet goodbyes at weeks end
brings a close to our summer in these parts
schools about to start, the leaves will be turning
you can feel the chill of fall in the night air
the barns stand empty, the grounds lay quiet
resting til next year

just a little glimpse of the great week we had, spent with Family & Friends
at the 2011 Warren County Fair

It's always good to come home!



  1. Good Morning Traci Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, I love the fair. Thank you so much for taking me along. Looks like your little darling did so well this year. Congrats on her wins and ribbons, what fun. Once you win a ribbon, you so try harder and harder each year after. Congrats to your DH as well.

    Love seeing the rides, the tractor pull (one of my favorites), and did you say BINGO? I love BINGO. That is my all time favorite. You all had a great time. Thank you for taking me along. I loved the sites and sounds I could hear in my mind.

    I would love to invite you over to my blog this morning to meet Charlie. He is an 8 year old that has cancer, and he is the recipient, he and his family for the Miracle Makeover by Design Gives Back and Guideposts Magazine. Every comment left on my blog will have 1.00 donated towards the next miracle makeover. We are running the makeover through August 18th, and yes you can leave more than one comment. I would appreciate it if you share the word with your blogger friends. Please stop by. Each comment makes a difference.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Hi Traci, Thanks for the memory of our county fairs. I remember loving the week the fair arrived in town. It doesn't come here until Oct. Now, I see it thru the eyes of my 3 year old granddaughter. Congrats. to your daughter and hubby on their ribbons. Looks like you all had a full filled week. Thanks for taking me along. Have a great week

  3. Well it certainly looks as if a great time was had by all and thanks so much for sharing your week, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your pics.

    Unfortunately summer has never really arrived here in the UK, we seem to have gone from spring straight into autumn, the nights have been chilly here for a couple of weeks and the there is certainly a nip in the air of a morning.

  4. Hi Traci, Sounds like you and your family had a lot of fun. I am so happy that Maygan's items won, she must be thrilled. Thanks for sharing the fair with us, ours doesn't come until fall. Take care. Vicky

  5. hi, Traci
    Looks like a blast~ good olde fun~
    Way to go Maygan on the places, epecially the stitches!!Whoo Hoo!!
    Love the moon~ shot!!!
    thanks for sharing the fair~

  6. Wow...looks like a great time had by all. Maygan is taking after her Momma! Great job!!

  7. Welcome back Traci!! We've missed you! But sure looks like a fun-packed week! Congrats to Maygan and hubby on the ribbons!! You'll have to share Maygan's blue-ribbon stitchery on your blog sometime - it was a little hard to see under the plastic....Those stitching genes must run deep in your family!! Cute picture of you in the Bingo tent!! And how lucky was Maygan to get up so close and personal with Jake??! Very cool! Have a wonderful week! Don't do too much laundry! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Ahh, this brings back the memories. The scents and the sounds of the carnival and the animals. The entertainment was fun and loud too.
    Congratulations to your lil gal and hubby for placing and getting their ribbons. That's always exciting. Sweet of hubby to ride the merry go round with his lil gal, even though he made the horse look tiny;-) A fun time had by all! Now back to school. Hugs~Carol

  9. Hi Traci,
    Congrats to Maygan and hubby on their ribbons. Looks like everyone had a good time. Nice to be back home, though!!!



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