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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Heirlooms N Heritage.........Part 1

Today I am starting a multi-part posting on Family Heirlooms and Heritage.  I have some of the most wonderful heirlooms saved for many generations from my fathers side of the family.  There are goodes from both of his parents. I will post pictures and descriptions of some now and then.  It will be like a walk through the past, most everything is from the late 1800's.  Come along with me.....

Some of you may have seen this picture before.  It is my Grandfather Theodore John Neckers (on left), Grandmother Myra Rickerson Neckers and my Dad.

My Dad's sister was the family historian, she traced our roots clear back to Holland and made this Family Tree.  My family came to America from Holland in the mid 1800's, it all started with Albert Nekkars (notice the spelling) and his wife.  Albert was born and died in Holland, his wife moved to America with their 5 children.  Seems that roots were taken up in the French Creek, Clymer & Sherman, NY areas.

This is the Family Tree

We will start this journey with a little basket filled with so much..  This basket is full of old journals, ledgers, papers, diaries, etc.  We will take a look into them in another post...

This is one of the contents of the basket...

It is an old leather Pocket Wallet, it contains a small paper signed by my grandma stating is was used by a Civil War Veteran during his enlistment.  I'm not sure who the veteran was but I'd sure like to know. 
UPDATE----- I think this wallet may have belonged to my Great Great Grandfather, Mathew Hawley - he served in the Army during the Civil War, he was discharged in 1863, Rank * Private.
The wallet is stamped Made by Cobb & Johnson, Lancaster Mass.

Here's some other papers that were tucked in the wallet too...most of the papers are from my Grandmother's Grandma...Abigail Hawley

This one is dated Oct. 28, 1896, a receipt belonging to my Great-Great-Grandmother

This receipt if for shingles, which were made to order, dated Aug. 28, 1890.  It's from the Cole & Reslink Co. oh and it says they also made Grape Basket Covers and Bottoms, LOL...  looks like there was 6,111 ft. of wood sawn for a total cost of $17.27.

This next  paper is kind of funny, it's a handwritten agreement for doctor care from my Great -Great Grandmother

It says, "Dear Sir,  if you take those bunches off my neck,  I shall expect you to tend the sores as long as they need a Drs care for 25, if you can not or will not don't come"  Signed Respectfully, A. Hawley

Here we have a Tax Collector's Receipt, it's dated 1901.  Guess what...for 56 acres the taxes were only $5.16 but there was a processing fee of $.06.....!

This is a handwritten receipt dated March 18, 1896...can't tell what it's for but it cost $21.00, must have saved a long time for that...

Okay, so that's a start....  I will end with this picture of a quilt made by my Grandma...  It was just the top, my Mom finished it for me about 10 years ago...

We have lots more to discover, a Civil War Pellet Pouch with Bullet, another early Leather Piece, Journal and Diary entries, early smalls & much more....

Have a Great Day All.........


  1. How wonderful to have your family history and heirlooms.Mine didn't respect the things much so they weren't passed down so I will make sure the future generations of my family have the heirlooms to pass down.Loved taking a step back with you especially the feisty doctors letter.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Traci
    I so enjoyed the walk down your family's memories~ I had to enlarge every photo to take a closer look~ I am so fascinated by family heritage~ I love looking and wondering what their lives were like!
    thanks for sharing~ I will be watching for more!

  3. Oh what treasures!! Loved the walk through the past. I love history, and personal history is even more interesting. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

  4. I love it, Traci! I am a nut for things of
    the past! I don't have much of anything that
    belonged to my grandparents, except and
    old tin of buttons. I have my genealogy
    traced back to the 1500's in France! One
    was a Capt,who brought settlers over to Jamestown and one married a sister to Pocahontas. My family started the Bass Beer
    Company in England! I just wish I had things that I could display and touch! You are so lucky to have these treasures and I
    am looking forward to seeing more!!!

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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