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Friday, May 17, 2013

Grow Where You are Planted

 Hello blog buddies...thought I would share a few pictures of my summer plantings and
also my Re-Do project from yesterday

I started with this old decrepit chaise lounger, she's a beauty, huh?

I hope the cold temperatures are finally OUTTA HERE for the year...

here are some of my plantings this year

I'm really "digging" the colors purple and yellow together :)

And now, you remember the lounger from got a re-do into
a prim Flatbed Wheelbarrow yesterday

Much Better

Thanks for stopping by for a little visit!
Blessings, Traci

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coca Shell - Bee Skep Tutorial

Hello my friends...  I thought I would share a cute idea that came to me today!

You will need (1 or 2) 12" Coca Shell Flower Pot Liner
Jute or Hot Glue Gun (if you don't sew)
White & Brown Paint (optional)

First you will cut a good sized wedge out of the liner (save the cut-out section to shred for stuffing)

Next, simply fold over the cut edge to make a bee skep shape
pin in place if sewing with jute

Cut a length of jute, using a big yarn needle, whip stitch the seam closed 

if you don't sew, you can use hot glue here

Next, cut another length of jute to make the "gathered" look of the bee skep 

Here's a close-up of the "gathers"
just sewn using a running stitch and pulled tight 

I made a bottom for my skep using another piece of coca shell liner
this is an optional step,  whip stitched in place after stuffing your bee skep with
the left over liner that you cut out and I also used some wood chips (animal bedding)
no sew...use hot glue to attach bottom

Finished bottom

Now, if you want a natural Bee Skep you are finished
I took it a step farther... 

Using white & brown acrylic paints I dry brushed my Bee Skep 

Hope you enjoy making a Coca Liner Bee Skep...if you share this tutorial please remember to link back to this blog.  Also, please remember that with any pattern or idea you use, give credit where credit is due.


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